Pathankot operation was disaster with Doval being main villain, Lt Gen Panag in private email to fellow army General


This is an email sent by Lt.Gen. HS Panag (retd), who was Northern Army Commander. In this email to Maj Gen Pradyot K Mallick (retd), formerly of the National Defence College, General Panag writes how India became a laughing stock in the eyes of world and ISI in particular. has accessed Lt Gen Panag’s email and is publishing only after receiving confirmation and approval from the General to carry it on our page.

Lt.Gen. Panag writes:

Dear Pradyot,

You are being mild. It is better to raise hue and cry while the incident is still in limelight. In two days the next party will begin. This operation was a disaster from the word go. Luck and providence saved the air base.

Infiltration can be effected with impunity all around the Shakargarh Bulge. BSF always lies.

Pathetic internal coordination. Despite windfall of SP Salwinder Singh carjacking and use of his mobile, we were not only slow to respond but were actually caught with our pants down.

Be that as it may, Doval held a conference on 01 January at 1500 hrs, also attended by Chief Of Army Staff. Air Base assessed as the target. All warned. Battery NSG despatched to Pathankot Air Base. Special Forces team  flown in and put in location at Mamun.

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No lead agency or overall Commamder appointed. Unless Doval felt he can control the events. Area in vicinity of base not combed. Public not informed. Failure of Pathankot Police and possibly Indian Army if they were tasked at all. If GOC 29 Division was in charge, it would have been done. Preventive Security of Air Base not beefed up. Given the size, an Infantry Battalion should have manned the perimeter and patrolled the wall from outside also.

Lesser said about the security of our Air Bases in general. 4-5 Platoons (60 men) of rag tag DSC capable of being static security guards only. Poorly trained Garuds approx 20-30. No electronics sensors of any kind along wall and fence. Outer periphery not lit up. Civilians’ houses right next to the wall.

Recall Air Forward Defence Bns of 71. One was located at Pathankot Air Base. Later merged with normal infantry. Our Air Bases are sitting ducks.

We have been singularly lucky that despite Mehran & Kamra, ISI did not target Air Bases near International Border.

Despite the 24 hr warning 5-8(?) terrorists scaled the wall and entered the Adm Area and attacked the DSC Mess where men were unarmed despite warning. 5 men lost.

Response of NSG and Garuds- the lesser said the better. The initial casualties imposed too much caution. Indian army moved in and killed 2 terrorists while two were killed by the NSG.

Victory declared by evening of 2 Jan by all including Prime Minister and Home Minister. Fundamental precaution of combing the area not taken. Consequently another 48 hrs to get one more terrorist. Operation still on. Lt Col NSG lost due to not following Standard Operating Procedure on 3 Jan. 7-8 NSG wounded.

Villain of the piece seems to be Doval, followed by Indian Air Force & Indian Army. What was NSG doing in a purely military installation? Time is not far when we will take orders from the HM/NSA/Police.

Once again we have become the laughing stock of the whole world and given our weaknesses on a platter to the ISI.

Operation should have been under GOC 29 Div. Air Base security should have been placed under the Indian Army. An Infatry Battalion is responsible for preventive security. Special Forced Team and Infantry Quick Response Teams placed inside the base.

On 01 Jan the area in vicinity of base should have been combed. Any one of us familiar with our Air Bases and their lack of security and hindsight of Mehran & Kamra would have done this.

All this has been put on Twitter by me from day one! It is better to shame ourselves in public to force reforms rather than do nothing!

Lt Gen H S Panag(R)

We’ve kept the content of the above correspondence in as much original form as possible to avoid losing the passion with which the author has written this email.


    • Under no circumstances the body of dead terrorist should be touched or moved, and this is the standard procedure followed by the army everywhere. Why didn’t NSG abide by this rule too?

  1. I wonder which fool might have leaked this mail un public domain. Now the whole world and specially our enemies will know the real conditions of our defence forces and security arrangements

  2. What is new, world caught you pants down for 1000 yrs, it is not like doing genocide in Gujarat, u will be efficient, this operation needs brave men against highly motivated ppl, kodnani and modi culture of terrorism o not work!

  3. It is heinous act of writing against the govt decision after the operation is over. This general was to write to his immediate superior officer when he was observing laxity somewhere. Just none-sense. Trying to malign govt.

    • Dumbfuck bhakt … atleast read the article properly before starting Namo Namo … He has retired and he is raising the issue on what was wrong with the whole operation … Government is by the people and for the people – so good that people ask questions. Cos no1 asked questions for so many yrs – we have become what we have been made by politicians – Chutiya

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          • ‘just to be professional’! try to be ‘true’ instead. I can really expect nothing, really nothing from you except the regular rantings of an AAPtard so why bother? However liberal you pretend to be, you end up showing yourself as demeaning short minded AAPtard. Don’t try hard to look otherwise. It just does not happen.

          • Ok if speaking truth and criticizing mudee bhakts is short minded then we are proud of our mentality, we are glad we are communal, we are preaching racial, religious hatred, not preaching corruption, not selling country to the rich industrialists friends, not just helping the traders who are hoarding crops to jack up prices but helping common man at ground level, just wait and watch when we expand in 2017 at Gujarat, punjab, andhra, rajasthan and other states….

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    • Abe illiterate atleast understand whats being said and he was the finest general ever unlike the chu… that you have as your ministers and bureaucracy

    • Next you will say our Honbl Minister of Defence was also maligning the govt? After all, he did say there were “gaps”. Comming from Manohar Parriker, it is ver substantial. Talk like itizen of India and not ome BJP cadre.

    • He is not maligning the government but rather advising on what should have been done and to do in future. He is a retired officer and has no say in the ongoing operational matters.
      By the way, it was all Doval-show (The IPS-man) to prove his supremacy. Doval may be good at theories, but leave fighting on ground to those who actually know what is to be done.
      By the way, by protecting the BSF, we are further endangering the national security. The terrorists have always been successful in crossing the IB in this sector and for this who is to be blamed if not the BSF (the MHA force manned by the IPS)?
      I firmly believe BJP’s resolve but am against people like Doval who consider himself ‘expert’ in operational matters.

      • Well army is also to be blamed. The BSF leadership was handled over to the IPS only after the army refused (as also the NSG). They then generals should have known that handing over anything to the BSF will only come back at you, when ever there is a situation.

    • All this has been put on Twitter by me from day one! It is better to shame ourselves in public to force reforms rather than do nothing! –

      IF at all you can read, the Gen has mentioned it himself.

  4. The general one of the finest,33rd NDA course is one hundred percent correct.
    Punjab border manned by IPS led BSF is easier to man compared to Army manned Kashmir.Some being civilians who never ever even visit the nearest military memorial will post opinion based rants.To understand the NDA know that a recent report stated 40 Cdts could not stand it and dropped out.
    Personally knowing Doval in Mizo ops in 76, I can sy he is a fine IPS officer.However either this goof up is BSF/Doval in that order or higher up.Having done Intt and NBC courses,there is nothing classified in the Generals write up.The other sides know more
    but not war ORBAT.

  5. Anyone see a couple of conflict of interest. If it was indeed a private email then how did journalists get access. Plus no mention in the article HS Panag being an active member of AAP. I would also point out that his sister being an active member of AAP and that his Daugther Gul Panag is also AAP member. How is this honest journalism without divulging these facts?

    • He is talking about verfiable fact. Every bit of information can be checked to see if correct or otherwise. Being in AAP does not disqualify him from being an Indian citizen, ex rmy officer and fully aware of what he is talking.

      • Panag has a personal agenda against Doval.

        Yes. there were 3 breaches –
        1. BSF failure to stop infiltration.
        2. Punjab Police’s failure to detect the terrorists during their 30 km ride to the airbase.
        3. Failure to prevent terrorists from crossing the perimeter wall.

        There is very little that Doval, who has an advisory role, could have done to prevent these failures.

        • Harcharanjit Singh Panag actively participated in the India Against Corruption movement and later joined the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

        • Point made by you is relevant. Doval has ONLY ‘an advisory role’. Wish he stuck to it. Frankly does being an AAP member or being involved in IAC, disqualify you from expressiing a professional opinion on a glaringly Himalayan blunder of a relatively simple threat to the airfield. Remember we had windfall intelligence available for long that day ! Please argue on facts stated rather than ascribe motives for it. By the way, Doval seems to have had motives in handling it the way it was. Think it over. Let love/ allegiance not be blind. That there is an eminently qualified man talking…… and air field security is a most studied subject in the Forces.

          • If AAP doesn’t have agenda against Doval, why was he targeted using #SackAjitDoval. Why wasn’t HM Rajnath Singh targeted for BSF faiilure? It has now emerged that one BSF constable was bribed by Pakistanis to let the terrorists inside the country.

            “Remember we had windfall intelligence available for long that day”

            The intelligence that we had was limited to the knowledge that few terrorists had infiltrated the country. There was no specific information that Pathankot airbase would be targeted. Punjab Police didn’t take SP’s account of carjacking seriously and wasted precious time in informing central govt. By the time, Doval learned of the carjacking incident, the terrorists had already breached the wall of the airbase.

            “By the way, Doval seems to have had motives in handling it the way it was”

            Be clear. What was his motive? What has he gained from the attack? Thanks to his detractors using the opportunity to discredit him, his reputation has suffered.

            “Let love/ allegiance not be blind.”

            I don’t have any allegiance to anyone. Rajnath Singh should have beefed up security at the border. He should have also fenced/sealed the 90 km of porous border and ended all drug trade routes. If anyone needs to resign, it is the Home minister.

            “That there is an eminently qualified man talking…”

            I don’t doubt his qualifications. But it is obvious that Doval is being targeted by vested interests because he has ended role of many middle men in defense deals. Panag’s integrity is unquestionable, but there are many (like Ajai Shukla) who have vested interest in removing Doval from his post as NSA.

          • Whether Doval is BJP man or not, but he blotched the entire operation. There is nothing to be said whether Gen Panag is AAP-man or not. He is just a general with great experience in such operations.

          • The operation to flush out the terrorists wasn’t botched. It was done with efficiency and with minimal loss of life. The botch up happened at the level of BSP and Punjab Police who were not able to stop the terrorists from entering the airbase despite prior warnings.

          • Doval definitely goofed it up. I hope he learns and the PmO learns that the army is best qualified to deal with most of these issues. Police, BSF well less said the better. Doval should not resign, he seems the most presentable and media savy NSA. I hope it does not get into his head that he is james bond. these jobs are best left of the military. When wil India learn the IPS led security is a disaster – it has proved to a singnificant force diluter in the case of the NSG. .

          • Retards like you obviously don’t realise the implications of the stupid decisions that were taken by people who had information about the carjacking. People like you who have no idea about the Indian defense forces can’t even begin to understand how delicately this intrusion had to be handled once they were inside the base. What was completely a major lapse of communication from the end of the Punjab police led to our soldiers dying. Soldiers whose children will never know what it’s like to grow up without a father, widows who will have to raise their children on their own, parents who will never see their son alive again. and all you can talk about is some worthless political bullshit that has nothing to do with what happened at Pathankot. Shameful. People like you should be stripped off of their Indian citizenship.

          • Lol. Morons like you can’t even read properly. Read again, idiot. Ive mentioned failure of BSF and punjab police again and again. Dolts like you should be stripped off the right to comment on internet.

        • Wish that Mr Doval was only an ‘advisor’, but here he acted as the field commander deciding what to be done himself. Tell me when and where he got the training to be so?

          • Tell me where did NSG fail… 5 DSC men lost their lives in the kitchen before the operation had begun. He wasn’t acting as a field commander, but gave the job to NSG because of their expertise in such situations.

          • NSG is not qualified is such situations. They are best top notch army personnel but operating under home ministry.

          • NSG is not expert in Cordon & Search (CASO) or Search & Destroy (SADO), they are ‘intervention and rescue’ force. This operation became an infantry CASO after the terrorists holed up inside the airbase. NSG has neither strength not the training for this kind of operation whereas the army units (like Rashtriya Rifles) do this very often. It would have been easier for the army to divide sectors and conduct search simultaneously over the entire area leaving no space to the hiding terrorists. Grant this to the army, they have been doing this for years, that too in jungles and hilly terrains as compared to the well laid-out airbase.
            If you have more knowledge on this, then well, I take my excuse.

        • Is Doval an advisor or a field Commander. Why we want to become like a king. When we have our role defined or he is the Chief of Armed forces, police and all other CAPF. He should be sacked. Anyone who cannot control himself to his role should not have the authority to command.

          • If I remember correctly, once earlier too Doval went over the head of the foreign minister on matters related to Pakistan. He feels being Modis man he can ride rough shod over everone.

        • Sorry, but doval thinks he is james bond. IPS does not train you to lead, only manage- mostly politicians. They should let the army do its job. The points in the mail are factual. His daughter or sister being in AAP has nothing to do with this, although i personally feel AAP is a disaster.

    • You stupid, retarded, low iq imbecile. Did you even read the article? Or are you illiterate to the point of being completely oblivious to the fact that there were some serious flaws in the way the attack was handled? What does AAP, BJP, Congress, JDS or any other goddamn political party have to do with terrorists infiltrating an air force base and killing our brave soldiers? Please refrain from making public comments if your microscopic brain can’t even understand the context behind an article posted on the internet.

  6. The SP was carjacked on 31st Dec, and by 3 AM, the terrorists had already crossed the perimeter wall. So how could Doval have done anything on 1st Jan to stop them from entering the airbase?

    “No lead agency or overall Commamder appointed.”

    Appointing a lead commander would have changed the course of the terrorists?

    “Preventive Security of Air Base not beefed up.”

    According to many other reports, it was beefed up. Several battallions of the army were sent to secure the assets inside the air base.

    “Lesser said about the security of our Air Bases in general. 4-5 Platoons (60 men) of rag tag DSC capable of being static security guards only. Poorly trained Garuds approx 20-30. No electronics sensors of any kind along wall and fence. Outer periphery not lit up. Civilians’ houses right next to the wall.”

    How is NSA responsible for the poor state of the air base? His job is to advice the government. The MoD is responsible for administration of the base, not NSA.

    “Despite the 24 hr warning 5-8(?) terrorists scaled the wall and entered the Adm Area and attacked the DSC Mess where men were unarmed despite warning. 5 men lost.”

    Did the terrorists wait for 24 hours after reaching the perimeter of the airbase? They scaled the wall on the same day and hid in the residential areas of the base for 24 hours.

    “The initial casualties imposed too much caution.”

    Obviously they had to exercise caution. If half a dozen extra NSG commandos had lost their lives, media/opposition/arnab would have gone ballistic.

    “Time is not far when we will take orders from the HM/NSA/Police”

    While on one hand, you level all blame on NSA, you take umbrage at the idea of NSA giving orders to army. That shows your rotten, personal agenda against Doval, Mr. Panag. During a national security emergency, the focus should be on getting the job done, not on peripheral issues such as who was commanding the operation.

      • Because NSG comes under MHA.

        NSG was called because Doval feared a hostage scenario which was very likely once the terrorists had breached the wall. Instead of killing 4 unarmed DSC officers in the kitchen, they could have held them as hostages. In such a scenario, the expertise of NSG in freeing hostages would have been required.

        • No Doval thought he would use NSG and take all the credit himself. For him PR was more important than safety of air base.

          • You are not a mind-reader. And so, there is no reason for anyone to take your analysis of Doval’s mind seriously.

          • there is definitely no reason for dumbhakths to take this analysis seriously, they can as usual listen to the lies dished out by their masters. Btw, this is not my analysis but most of the reports have said so. The tweets by “presstitutes” (yes, the term comes back to haunt BJP now) praising him when the operation had just begun unravelled the plot.

        • In than case, the NSG should not have been launched for operations and kept standby to deal with hostage scenario only. Only Army should have been tasked for the entire operation.

          • Do you realize that all NSG commandos are drawn from army? Once the terrorists had scaled the wall, it made no difference whether it was NSG or Army that was used to flush them out.

            Some ex-generals and defense experts have an agenda against Doval. Hence they are focusing on irrelevant issues which would have made no difference to the outcome of the operation.

          • The involvement of army naturally come after the terrorist entering the airbase. Just imagine, how will a ‘bayonet force’ of less than a company strength NSG could cover the entire area on its own inside the base? That is why this hide-n-seek continued for many days.
            By the way, Mr Doval is neither a tactician nor a field commander. He can keep all his theories for the larger security perspective.

      • You have wrong information..

        According to Nitin Gokhale – “the charge that the army was kept out of the operation turned out to be misleading since over 1,000 Army troops were fully involved in the operation. And contrary to reports, after the initial planning done in his room on January 1 with the army and air force chiefs, the overall coordination was left to the commander-in-chief of the Western Air Command.”

        “Traditionalists in the bure­a­u­­cracy, military and diploma­tic corps frown upon Doval’s unusual style of functioning. But he believes the current sec­urity threats India faces have to be tac­kled by constantly innovating on both preventive and punitive methods. In the process, if some conventions are to be breached, so be it. Because, for Doval, national interest is supreme. Not for him the collegiate, bureaucratic ways that often lead to delays and procrastination. For example, on January 1, the moment the intelligence input about the JeM plan got crystallised, he convened a meeting of all stakeholders, finalised a strategy, despatched the NSG to Pathankot and got the army to mobilise troops within an hour. His instructions were three-fold: no civilian casualties, no air assets damaged and eliminating the terrorists, however long it takes. All three tasks were accomplished. Compare this pro-active initiative to the tardy manner in which Mumbai 26/11 was tackled. Delays, indecisiveness and one-upmanship marked the entire operation. Clearly, if Doval is under fire today, it is not for his incompetence but for his unconventional ways that status-quoists abhor.”

        • It is not true that Army was given charge for planning and execution of this operation. Initially they were just tasked to secure the perimieter while the NSG and Garud tackled the terrorists inside. Army moved much later in to kill the terrorists when the others could not manage that large area. Army’s tactics in these scenarios are very different and always successful as they have been doing the same in J&K on daily basis. NSG is the ‘intervention’ force and not for this Cordon & Search mission.

  7. Does not mention Lt Gen Panag is a retired officer, these are his views (right or wrong). He was not in any official position

  8. many people do not like a hindu ruler after 800 years rules india. M0diji is promoting hindu way of life, yoga etc in foreign trips

    • agree, non sense feku, badi badi baat prior to election hum ghus kar maarenge, saala hawa nikal gayee, nothing useless fellow and bhakts, khaki rss chaddis

      • “ghus ke maarenge” applies when there is cross firing at border. Pakistan did that in early months, and our army retaliated heavily.

        Read this, you m oron.

        indianexpress com/article/india/india-others/pakistan-lodges-complaint-against-india-for-ceasefire-violations-along-loc/

        In the case of a terror attack, it is pointless to start firing at border..It will achieve nothing and only encourage pakistan army to send more terrorists.

        • Listen to fekus speeches and his tone prior to becoming PM on youtube, aap kee adalat etc..there are numerous videos floating around what he had said, how he would have responded to 26/11 and other incidents similar to Pathankot, all bullshit, rey modi chora chutiyaa bana diyaa poorey dess ko got the seat supported by harami log khaki chaddis from behind….trying to be professional not calling you moron or using any illogical word, rey tanney agar abb kuch bola to tanney ke debice kaa IP address, Mac, Wifi location track ho jaabegaa, teri g aand kaa damm nikar jabeegaa rey chorey




    • It was not the operations only by the Indian army, had it been so, all the terrorists would have been dead in few hours. This was in fact a show of force and efficiency by the idiots in MHA and those IPS officers who have no idea of what it happening.
      In fact, when the NSG failed and suffered casualtied, it was the army that came in and killed the terrorists.

  10. A well informed retort to the public rant put out by Lt Gen HS Panag(Retd) & Maj Gen PK Mallick.

    Dear Generals,

    A great Indian mind once said, that the problem with the Indian society
    is that we have far more opinion than information. Dear sirs, with
    offence meant if it has to be, your opinions on the Pathankot terror
    attack epitomise this wise opinion. While I seek to indulge in a point
    to point rebuttal, what worries me is the fact that before a competent
    body has dwelled into investigation, your rant flavoured with with
    incorrectness is out in public space. It is this dangerous and gross
    misrepresentation of fact by you that deters the confidence of normal
    cititizens that I seek to correct.

    Garuds, the Special Forces of the IAF, you say is poorly
    trained. While passing a value judgement without ever having worked with
    them or knowing what they have done in Pathankot is queer. It becomes
    apparent that you have no knowledge of what the Garuds do or have done
    in the past. The Special Forces of the IAF was raised and trained by the
    Indian Army. So.much so that over 70 percent of this Special Force has
    been trained by this great institution that you once swore allegiance
    to. In casting aspirations on the Garuds, are you doubting the ability
    of your own Army in empowering a sister service ? If yes, then the war
    fighting capability of our Army is worrisome. If no, then it looks like
    you did afterall bite your own tail.

    What you may not know, but maintained strong opinions on is
    a fact that only a very small number of IAF Special Forces were staged
    at Pathankot. They initiated the encounter and prevented collosal damage
    to strategic assets stationed at the air base. Your misplaces value
    judgement shrouds the martyered Corporal Gurusevak in insult of the
    worst kind. I wonder, is that a stature a former General carries ?

    The above question o

    gets increasingly worrisome when you cast a net of doubt on the Defence
    Service Corps by branding them ‘rag a tag’. These brave men in Khaki,
    most if not all, former Armymen with adequere combat exposure are the
    first line of defence that such bases have. One of them grappled bare
    handed, snatched a rifle and killed a terrorist before he was gunned
    down. It is odd..very odd…that a former Army man who in the right
    earnest should stand by his fallen colleagues, chooses the martyrs
    moment of reckoning to express his personal misgiving. It looks like you
    choose to stand tall on tragic misfortunes that have hit us. It only
    adds to the insult on injury…sir.

    Sir, as leaders of stature, we expect a mature disposition.
    Jumping into conclusions with little or no data to back you up is
    definitely not in the right earnest. Do we as a nation consider
    ourselves lucky that such an incident did not occur when you held high
    office in our prestigious organisation ? Afterall, jumping to
    conclusions prematurely only reflects doubtful leadership and it is
    fortunate that through this incident that occurred in Pathankot, the
    leadership of the Army and the IAF held their heads firmly on their
    shoulders and successfully thwarted collosal damage.

    It would do us as a country a lot of good if you both choose to opine in
    public using factual data and not self concocted hypothesis which are
    far from facts.

    • Any idiot can understand that the Air base was a sitting duck ! It is very clear that it does not have technical-intelligent security which means it does not have sensors on the walls to beep detecting an intruder. It had no electronic surveillance and monitoring of the movements along the perimeter wall or on the wall itself.So any stupid ,idiotic jehadi can just scale the wall and enter the airbase !!!! and that too when there had been a warning by external intelligence agencies like RAW !!

      And the stupidity of the agencies right on the ground entrusted with security !!. Even a man with normal IQ can order a complete combing of the area extensively by several groups of the army and commandos eve when a single terrorist is detected and neutralized. . How can this did not happen and how they celebrated themselves at a victory !! and even advised Prime minister and Home minister to celebrate it !!

      These people are totally disorganized. Home ministry should not have interfered with their NSG commandos etc., and left the matter to the army to take care of itself ,after the warnings from intelligence agencies.

      One must remember that when a terrorist group attacks with hand held weapons on secured ,armed targets even when it was alert , this means such a terrorist organisation was very powerful with internal information,external help ,logistics and guidance as well as secretive help from the people manning the very target itself.

    • You have no idea what are you wrote here. Analysis of drawbacks is a must and THIS GENERAL CERTAINLY KNOWS BETTER THAN YOU.
      And to add: You are just an idiot who knows not what he talks or writes.
      And for your information, I have seen enough of gun-fights than you have heard Diwali crackers all your life till now.

      • Well, unfortunately, he is the only one with depth of thought. And, if he was, he would not point fingers. Now understandably, three fingers of his own point back at him.

    • I do not think the general was in anyway downplaying the sacrifice of the Garud or the DSC personal. i guess the general has about 40 years experience and he is also an ex-nda, so he is well qualified to comment on the state of affairs in the military. it is necessary to comment on the shortfalls lest it gets swept under the carpet again and again and the situation gets even worse

  11. The 24×7 will never inform the people of India with this observation but on the contrary confuse with Nautankis of SEND THE ANTI NATIONAL TO PAKISTAN OR PINK RAJASTHANI TURBAN AS DIPLOMATIC COUP etc.
    The people and soldiers will always loose and billionaires likes of Sajjan Jindal will enjoy and Salwinder will be tortured.

  12. Only the right men can analyze the situation. Indian Defence does not run by IPS or IAS. Let the right men do the right job at right time.

  13. कुछ पाकिस्तान और खालिस्तान पोषित मीडिया समूह, कुछ नेता तथा कुछ अन्य
    राष्ट्रद्रोही किस्म के लोग अब ये अफवाह फ़ैलाने में लगे हैं की –

    “पठानकोट हमले के दौरान अजित डोभाल ने प्रधानमंत्री मोदी के साथ नज़दीकियों
    के चलते मनमाने ढंग से फैसले किये, राजनाथ और परिकर को अँधेरे में रखा
    इत्यादि इत्यादि..”

    अजित डोभाल ने जो भी एक्शन लिए उसी का नतीजा है
    की आतंकवादी एयरबेस में किसी प्रकार का बड़ा नुक्सान नहीं कर सके…वरना
    उनके इरादे बहुत ही खतरनाक थे..!!
    बेवज़ह अजित डोभाल जैसे कर्मठ और राष्ट्रवादी व्यक्ति को बदनाम करने की पाकिस्तानी कोशिशों का हिस्सा बनने से बचें.

    हम अच्छे से जानते हैं की उन आतंकवादियों को लोकल सपोर्ट मिले हुए थे अतः
    इस मामले में लोगों को बताने का प्रोटोकॉल पूरा करने की कोशिश करने से
    आतंकवादियों को अपना काम करने में और सुविधा मिल जाती
    हालाँकि NDTV ने पूरी घटना का लाइव रिपोर्टिंग करके वैसे ही आतंकवादियों को पहले ही बहुत हेल्प कर दिया था..!!

    आज जो लोग इस घटना को निपटाने में हुई देरी पर सवाल उठा रहे हैं वो लोग इस
    बात को जान बूझकर भूलने की या छुपाने की कोशिश कर रहे हैं की इस घटना से
    एयरबेस को कोई नुक्सान नहीं पहुंचा जो की उन आतंकवादियों का इस घटना को
    अंजाम देने के पीछे एकमात्र लक्ष था..

    • चाहे जो भी कह लें, पर डोवाल भले ही अच्छे आदमी हों, पर इस मामले में पकड़ उनकी कच्ची है। अपनी काबिलियत प्रूव करने के लिए उन्होंने वो कदम उठाए जिनकी जरूरत नहीं थी।

      सीधा तरीका यह हो सकता था कि खबर मिलते ही नज़दीकी फौजी यूनिटों को इत्तला दी जा सकती थी, जो कि लगभग सिर्फ १० कि.मी. पर थी। इतने बड़े एयरबेस को कवर करने की औकात तो एन.एस.जी. या गरूड़ में नहीं थी। डोवाल ने उन्हें क्यों नहीं बुलाया? केवल अपनी औकात दिखाने के लिए? फल क्या मिला? ४ दिनों तक आपरेशन चलता रहा और वो भी केवल ६ आतंकवादियों के साथ और नुकसान जो हुआ?

      माना कि डोवाल अच्छे और जानकार व्यक्ति हैं, पर जमीनी हकीकत का उन्हें कोई अनुभव नहीं है। ऐसे आपरेशन तो फौज जम्मू कश्मीर में रोज करती है और उन्हें वाकई में एन.एस.जी. और गरूड़ से ज्यादा अनुभव है।

      भाजपा को मैं यहाँ कोई दोष नहीं दे रहा हूँ, दोष केवल उनका है जिन्होंने अपनी औकात दिखाने के लिए इतनी बेवकूफियाँ की और बी.एस.एफ. से पूछा भी नहीं कि उनके दिनरात पहरे के बावजू़द बार बार आतंकी कैसे बार्डर पार कर लेते हैं।

      कमांड और कंट्रोल किसी एक के पास नहीं था, किसी को पता नहीं चल रहा था कि क्या हो रहा है। यदि इस पूरे मामले को पास की फौजी डिवीजन को दे दिया जाता तो शायद ज्यादा से ज्यादा दो दिनों में ही सब खत्म कर दिया जाता।

      अब इसे क्या कहें, पूरी कारर्वाही का मकसद फौज को नीचा दिखाना था और डोवाल की फौज को बेहतर? नतीजा तो सामने है।
      वैसे बरखा दत्त के एन.डी.टी.वी. को तो सरकार ही रोक सकती थी, फिर रोका क्यों नहीं?

    • This is what media is doing, from where did khaltani came into the picture, this is what RSS and agencies are doing, trapping minorities muslims, sikhs and somehow they are looking how to trap christians as well, there is massive plan going on by RSS, they are the real terrorists who have masterminded most of the terrorism within India, open up your eyes, what media says is complete opposite, they are all controlled by the followers of RSS, look at Zee majority of the shares owner and other TV channels………catch these khakhi chaddis, no need to go across the border, when chaddis are in control most of the internal problems will be solved, they do this to divert attention from other issues, all game plan by chaddis since their puppets are power…..

  14. This guy, Retired Lieutenant General Harcharanjit Singh Panag and his daughter Gul Panag are from “Aam Admi Party”…

    The same “Aam Admi Party” which is well known “Khalistan Supporting” Party.
    The same “Aam Admi Party” which gets donation from Dubai underworld and Pakistan.

    They are now frustrated by long but solid action taken by Government of India against the terrorists of Pathankot attack.

    Because of their these anti national stands, “Aam Admi Party” has become “the most hated political party” in India.

    “.. Before we fight the external enemies, we need to eliminate these internal enemies..”.

  15. I won’t like to give credence to any email from Panag, him being a member of Aam Aadmi Party and we all know how anti-national are they.. Just once sentence is the give away in his letter – “Area in vicinity of base not combed. Public not informed.”

    Really, “public not informed”? Should we announce like election-time through a loud-speaker? Did he know that there were no aircrafts in the airbase at the time of attack?

    It just proves that once-a-army-men-always-a-army-man is not true anymore. Men of uniform are also prone to poliitical influences.

    One more thing, I am pretty sure that ISI hates Doval more than they would even know Lt Gen Panag. That says volume about Panag.

    • He writes here not as a member of AAP but as a retired general who has seen more than you could dream of. It does not matter whether he is with AAP or BAAP.

  16. Absolutely correct! No one, even Mr Doval bothered to call 29 Div sitting next door well in time. All because Mr Doval wanted to showcase himself and his “expertise”. He used his ‘private army’ NSG (under MHA) to prove his competence. The IAF too played along, probably because of rivalry with Army and to prove its Garuda Commandos who in fact are neither commandos nor trained for it. Garudas in fact turned out to be ‘sitting-ducks’.
    We wonder who stopped Mr Doval from using the experienced army infantry units? The army had numbers and experience both.
    The unfortunate death of NSG officer and men has given much for criticism of NSG. In the Army, there is a standard procedure ‘not to touch a dead terrorist till proper sanitisation is done’. The Army and RR units in J&K are doing similar operations almost daily.
    Had they informed and called army in time, the perimeter would have been secure well before the terrorists reached there. Army sub-units would have easily divided their areas of responsibility and cornered the terrorists in good time.
    Was this operation was deliberately for Mr Doval who probably has no idea of field operations let along countering the terrorists. World is now laughing and JeM handlers are rather encouraged.

    • “Had they informed and called army in time, the perimeter would have been secure well before the terrorists reached there.”

      The terrorists cross the perimeter around 3 AM on 1st Jan. Punjab police communicated the information about terrorists around 7 AM on 1st Jan. So how would calling the army prevented the terrorists from breaching the perimeter?

      “The unfortunate death of NSG officer and men has given much for criticism of NSG..In the Army, there is a standard procedure ‘not to touch a dead terrorist till proper sanitisation is done’.”

      NSG is trained to handle IEDs.

      From wikipedia…

      “The NSG’s is trained to conduct counter terrorist task to including counter hijacking tasks on land, sea, and air; Bomb disposal (search, detection and neutralization of IEDs); PBI (Post Blast Investigation) and Hostage Rescue missions.”

  17. and it states that they tried to keep as much as original content as possible. well if they want mention what the army general is saying why cant they just publish the original document as it is??? i smell a rat here.

  18. There is no point in singling out one individual as a culprit. Thanks God as it did not escalate. Now the ball is in our court. My question is when shall our brave men intrude Pakistan to kill Jaish-e-mohammad suprimo? Or will they sit doing nothing?

  19. stating the obvious and this wouldn’t be the first time, one can check other “attack” in India and the below average response came from the indian military, almost as if they were wanted it to go for that long. 4th l;largest military in the word, 6 men with ak 47’s took 4 days in a military zone, not much of a risk for civilians, “pathetic” is an understatement.

  20. The General may be right about handling of operations but there might have been some other factors which are not yet known. This was not fighting an army but terrorists and little information known about them. Yes it’s good to over the whole incident and find failings in procedures and Ensure action in place for future

  21. We are making a charlie of ours by discussing too many things in open forum trying to portray ourselves as military geniuses.In the bargain we have inadvertently disclosed vital information to our adversaries which they could use to their advantage in future.Blaming DSC and Garuds is certainly in a bad taste and needs to be condemned by all .Media is only looking to sensationalise the news to sell their newspapers or channels.Everyone of them has become a military strategist without even knowing a fig about the armed forces. If we have noticed any shortcomings we must eradicate them speedily.This action has to be taken by the serving leaders and soldiers only and not by so called retired soldiers who at the drop off the hat start passing comments which certainly lowers the morale of the Armed forces.We all must follow the old dictum to stay clear off the serving soldiers back regarding professional matters when you have shed the uniform.They are equally capable of handling the affairs of the Armed forces as you were in your times.

    • I agree, the DSC personal have done a great job. Some were lucky. However, on the second suggestion that serving soldiers are capable of handling issues i differ, on the operational front yes, but not on the administrative front else how come when there used to be only one IG for a state has more than 100 IGs and above today, but most of the officers in the army still largely retire in the rank of Lt Cols. DiGs ranking with a Brigadier ?? what a joke. it gets worse each year..

  22. Unhindered, continuous and as and when they want forages by Pakistan in India ,that too from most intensely guarded and under constant vigilance places ,speaks volumes for the unpreparedness and inadequacy of our armed forces.It is time we stop venerating and treating as holy cows the security forces and ask and seek harsh questions and true and to the point replies from them.

  23. Thanx Lt gen for saving both countries from war. India media no doubt a liar media in the world and same as there National Security Advisor.


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