Gem from Andhra university Vice Chancellor at Indian Science Congress, ‘100 Kauravas were born to Gandhari’ due to test-tube technology

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Andhra University Vice Chancellor GN Rao has made a sensational claim at the Indian Science Congress in Punjab stating that 100 Kauravas were born to Gandhari in the mythological tale of Mahabharata as a result of the test tube baby technology.

100 Kauravas

Speaking at the Science Congress in Jalandhar on Friday, Rao said, “How come Gandhari gave birth to 100 children? Is it humanly possible? Can a woman give birth to 100 children in one life time? So many people believe that Kauravas were not there. It’s all fiction. But now we believe when we have test tube babies.”

Rao went on to claim that the stem cell research was done thousands of years ago in India adding that the country had ‘100 Kauravas from one mother because of stem cell and test tube baby technology.” He said, “Stem cell research was done in this country thousands of years ago. Today we say stem cell, even today many people don’t understand what stem cell is. But thousands of years ago, we had this technology. We had 100 Kauravas from one mother because of stem cell technology, because of test tube bay.”

Last year, Uttar Pradesh deputy chief minister Dinesh Sharma had faced public ridicule after he claimed that Sita was a test-tube baby. The video of Yogi Adityanath’s deputy making the stunning claim had gone viral on social media now.

In the viral video, Sharma is seen as saying, “When Sita was born there must have been something like a test-tube baby. (Her father King) Janak ploughed the land and a baby came out of an earthen pot, she became Sita. This means technology similar to a test-tube baby must have existed,”

Earlier Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb had claimed that internet and satellite communications existed in India thousands of years ago. “It (journalism) started during Mahabharata,” the UP deputy chief minister said at an event to mark the ‘Hindi Journalism Day’. The minister also cited various instances from the Indian epic to strengthen his claim.

He said Sanjay, the mythological character who was Dhritarashtra’s charioteer, sitting at Hastinapur, narrated a bird’s eye view of the war of Mahabharata, to Dhritarashtra. “Yeh live telecast nahi to aur kya hai (if it is not live telecast, then what is it ?),” Sharma had asked.

Last week, Purvanchal University Vice Chancellor Raja Ram Yadav had courted a huge controversy after urging his students to commit murder and leave it to him to take care of the matter later.



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