Gautam Gambhir on AAP’s debate dare: How can I be scared of their challenge when even Pakistan could not frighten me


Former India cricketer and BJP candidate from East Delhi, Gautam Gambhir, on Wednesday launched a tirade against the Aam Aadmi Party, taking a potshot at the latter’s challenge for a debate.

Speaking at a huge rally in Delhi’s Ramlila Ground, Gambhir said, “I often get asked as to what I learnt from my previous profession. What I learnt from my past profession was that when you fight a battle, it should be face to face not behind each other’s back. Only cowards fight proxy wars.”

Referring to the AAP’s challenge for a debate, Gambhir said, “In the last few days, the Aam Aadmi Party has made several allegations against me. First they tried to have my nomination cancelled. Then, they had FIR registered against me. At one point, they also alleged that I will be outside the country for 240 days. Then they said I was scared of a debate. I want to state one thing from this stage. The person who Pakistan could not frighten, how can he be scared of a debate with the AAP?”

His comments were met with loud cheers from BJP supporters present at the Ramlila Ground.

Gambhir took a potshot at Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal stating that the latter had blamed the BJP for orchestrating a physical attack on him during his recent road show. He said, “I want to tell him (Kejriwal) from this stage that he hasn’t become such a big leader that the BJP will have to think about him.”

Gambhir said that Kejriwal and his party had risen hopes of people of Delhi before the last assembly polls in 2015, but they failed to deliver their election promises. “They promised to convert Delhi into London and Paris. I want to assure that we (the BJP) wouldn’t make Delhi into London or Paris. We will develop Delhi into a place where we all can live happily. Where we can breathe in fresh air., drink fresh water and there’s safety for women.”

Gautam Gambhir, who joined the BJP last month, was fielded by the BJP as its East Delhi candidate in this year’s Lok Sabha polls. The former India batsman is pitted against Atishi Marlena of the AAP and Arvinder Singh Lovely from the Congress.

Elections to all seven seats in Delhi will be held on 12 May with the counting scheduled for 23 May. In 2014, the BJP had won all seven seats of the national capital.


  1. Even in cricket he was far below average cricketer but with bjp backing he managed to holder on making money by hook or by crook. Wonder how much her made in betting his major occupation. He preaching on HONESTY. a GOOLMAL CRICKETER will stoop to any level just like his Master Alibaba and his 40 theives

  2. We will develop Delhi into a place where we all can live happily. Where we can breathe in fresh air., drink fresh water and there’s safety for women.” ghambir Saab the government you are representing has already failed in achieving the same. 🙂 and you are yet another bro of feku. Hahaha


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