Function to welcome VP Hamid Ansari in Morocco shows map with Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh as India’s parts


At a function in Morocco, where Vice President Hamid Ansari was the chief guest, the organisers committed a major goof-up by portraying India’s map, which included Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

The hoarding outside Mohammed V University of Rabat in Morocco, put up to welcome VP Ansari showed Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh as part of India.

Indian officials, who were accompanying the Vice President took serious note of it by raising the matter with the local organisers.
Soon the addional countries were covered with white tape.

The photo of people quickly covering up the expanded area on the map with white tape were posted by the news agency ANI.

The territorial control in the Indian subcontinent among neighbouring countries has always been a thorny issue.

India and Pakistan in particular have fought several wars over each other’s claims concerning territories controlled by both the countries.

Bangladesh, which was an integral part of Pakistan, became an independent country in 1971 with the help of India’s intervention.

(Feature image: Indian Express)


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