From Nitish Kumar to Arvind Kejriwal, PM Modi faces heat on busy political Sunday


Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in Gaya to attend what his party, the BJP, termed it was ‘Parivartan Rally.’ As expected, he chose the occasion to highlight what he said has been a misrule under JDU regime in Bihar.

He called Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar arrogant, took a dig at the RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav’s time in jail on corruption charges and told his supporters that voting them to power would mean the beginning of ‘Jungle Raj part 2.’

In a politically charged environment, where stakes are simply too high for everyone in Bihar, both Nitish and Lalu took to twitter to ‘expose’ Modi’s ‘lies.’

On Modi’s jail jibe, Nitish asked PM Modi what he thought of his own party president Amit Shah, who too had spent considerably lengthy time in jail on charges of murder, extortion and kidnapping.

Lalu too wasn’t going to remain a mute spectator. He posted series of tweets attacking Modi for his comments on Jungle Raj-2.

Like his friend Nitish, the RJD chief too questioned the PM on Shah’s time in jail. But, it appeared that asking question on Shah was just an excuse for both Nitish and Lalu, and they simply used the occasion to embarrass Modi. They made sure that the potential voters, who may not have been aware of Amit Shah’s past, now knew ahead of crucial Bihar elections later this year.

No sooner had these two leaders finished commenting on Modi, the PM was attacked from someone who may be bigger in stature but doesn’t appear to have much ambition from Bihar elections.

The Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, who was inaugurating an ambitious health project in the capital, accused Modi of not allowing the Delhi government to function.

He said, “kehte the naa khaaonga aur na khaane doonga, woh to gaya kahin aur. Ab kah rahe hain Na kaam karoonga aur na karne doonga (First he-Modi- used to say neither will he take bribe nor will let anyone take. That’s gone for a toss. Now his mantra is that neither will he work nor will he let anyone work.)”

Kejriwal also accused Modi of sending paramilitary forces to the office of Anti-Corruption Branch, which up until June 8, was reporting to the elected government of Delhi.

The Delhi CM said, “Up until June 8, we had completely removed corruption from the system, but then on June 8, Modiji captured the office of ACB by sending paramilitary forces to its office.”

Kejriwal wasn’t making these allegations for the first time as his differences with the central government over the administrative powers in running Delhi government has been widely reported. His attack on Modi appeared as if he too didn’t want to miss this opportunity to embarrass Modi.

Nitish has tried to reach out to Kejriwal on a number of occasions with an intention to seek his support albeit tacit in Bihar elections primarily because of his image as a clean and honest politician. Kejriwal is also very fresh from his emphatic victory in Delhi elections. He, therefore, truly seems to understand what it takes to demolish what used to be known as Modi Magic, which gave the BJP not just a historic mandate in Lok Sabha but also successive victories in four assembly elections in Maharashtra, Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana and Jharkhand elections.

As dates for Bihar elections near, such attacks and counter attacks will become more intense with the difference being that PM Modi is no longer being perceived as a breath of fresh air. His opponents have already prepared the long list of election promises, they allege, Modi has reneged since becoming the PM in May last year.



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    LET US HOPE FOR THE BEST TO STOP THE AUTOCRATIC COMMUNAL MODI-LED BJP :- It is an established truth that once under the leadership Shri Jayaprakash Narayan had defeated the scar of indian democracy, Indira’s emergency regime …….


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