Fresh revelation on Dawood a face saving exercise after Modi government ‘messed up’ NSA-level talks: Congress


Congress on Saturday launched attack against the Narendra Modi government for the latter’s claims that it had obtained a dossier on the underworld don Dawood Ibrahim and his whereabouts in Pakistan

Speaking to a news agency, the party leader Manish Tiwari said, “Timing (of Dawood dossier) seems to suggest that the government was trying to save face because they’ve really messed up this NSA-level dialogue. The question is that what will you do with the evidence? Pakistan won’t hand over Dawood to you, do you have the capacity to be able to get him yourself? Every government, be it the NDA or the UPA, we’ve handed dossiers after dossiers to Pakistan regarding Dawood’s whereabouts.”

Earlier on Saturday, a newspaper carried a report detailing the photographic evidence of Dawood Ibrahim, wanted by Indian in connection with the Mumbai blasts of 1993.

According to the report, Dawood, his wife, son and two daughters are said to be residing in Pakistan’s business capital, Karachi. The paper has also produced copies of what Indian agencies claim Dawood’s passports and a telephone bill in the name of hiss wife Mehjabeen Sheikh.

The report also suggested that Dawood’s other associates such as Jabir Saddiq, Jawaid Chotani and Mumbai blasts accused Javed Patel a.k.a Chikna are also based in Pakistan and are frequent visitors to Dubai.

There are flight details reportedly show that Siddiq travelled to Dubai from Karachi on July 20, 2015 and returned four days later.


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