Former Railways Minister Dinesh Trivedi’s expose on appalling food quality in Indian trains


Former Railways Minister Dinesh Trivedi has made a sensational expose on the quality of food supplied in Indian trains.
Dinesh Trivedi

In a video, Trivedi is seen showing the packaged water supplied to passengers in Shatabdi trains. Upon opening the foil lid of the packaged water, several black words are seen in the fluid meant for human consumption.

Trivedi says, “I’ve boarded the Shatabdi train to go to Delhi. And here I open a Fresca lime water. What I find inside, let’s have a look at it (Yuck is what somebody is heard saying). This is what you are supposed to drink.”

Trivedi then goes on to say that ‘all of us are responsible because we don’t protest.”

Trivedi said that the government must cancel all supply from Fresca ‘today itself.’

This comes after in July, in a stunning revelation by the Comptroller and Auditor General, it had emerged that the food prepared by the Indian Railways’ is not suitable for human consumption.

The CAG’s report, tabled in the parliament, had said that the catering services in Indian Railways use unpurified tap water in the preparation of beverages and food items in trains, and leave them in the open for flies, insects, rats and cockroaches to feast upon. The catering service also leaves waste bins uncovered, unwashed and spilling with leftovers.

Left red-faced, the railway ministry was forced to draft a new catering policy. Among the new measures, the government announced its plans of ‘unbundling of catering services on trains.’

It said, “IRCTC has been mandated to carry out the unbundling by creating a distinction primarily between food preparation and food distribution. In order to upgrade quality of food preparation IRCTC to set up new kitchens and upgrade existing ones.”



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