Former diplomat’s jail warning to Chetan Bhagat on ‘blasé approach to morality’

चेतन भगत

We all know which party does Chetan Bhagat’s heart beat for? His Twitter timeline is replete with posts that called for India to vote for Narendra Modi as the country’s prime minister in the run up to 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

Chetan Bhagat

The man became an economist while slamming the then UPA government on the rise in petroleum prices. Then there were times when he acted like an anti-corruption crusader while portraying just how corrupt India had become under Manmohan Singh. And there were many other instances that made this so-called ‘GenX author’ look a man yearning for positive change in the Indian society.

Though many suspected his motive even then, his mask came off fully after Modi became the prime minister. Bhagat remained mum on all those issues that allegedly disturbed him during the UPA regime. The price of crude oil in international market took a nosedive, but in India, prices of petrol and diesel kept rising. But, as a true Modi bhakt (disciple), Bhagat lost his voice or chose to look the other way. Of course, he has now become an object of public ridicule because of hypocrisy, but the spectacular loss in reputation hasn’t really perturbed him.

Just when BJP faced flak for allegedly attempting to buy opposition MLAs for Rs 100 crore each, Bhagat joined in the debate with his own justification. He termed the otherwise illegal, or criminal act to be precise, an ‘art form.’ Bhagat tweeted, “In a hung parliament there’s no ethical way out. So let’s stop moralizing either side please as it is a pointless exercise. Even horse trading is an art form. another test for both BJP and Cong. Let’s see who’s better at it.”

As expected Bhagat was targeted with angry reactions from commentators, activists and journalists alike.

However, the most striking response came from KC Singh, a former Indian diplomat of repute. Singh reminded Bhagat that an IIT/MBA background was no excuse to show ‘blasé approach to morality’ adding that this flippancy could land an individual in jail. He wrote, “No Mr Bhagat there’s always an ethical way. Unfortunately many educated Indians make amorality fashionable. Remember an illustrious person with your IIT/MBA background called Rajat Gupta in US. Ended in jail with your blasé approach to morality.”

No single party was able to secure an absolute majority in the just-concluded assembly polls in Karnataka. The BJP won 104 seats, while the Congress and the JDS won 78 and 38 seats respectively. The Congress and the JDS have come together with a pledge to form the next government. However, JDS chief HD Kumaraswamy on Wednesday sensationally alleged that the BJP was approaching his MLAs with Rs 100 crore offer each.


  1. I hate my ears… yesterday I heard this same guy talking abt BJP’s stand is for buying heads from the opposition and that’s not good move. If he changed all of sudden, he himself is a holy horse ?


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