Former Bigg Boss contestant trolled for posing in hot pant outside Hanuman’s birth place


Nitibha Kaul had shot to fame from Bigg Boss season 10 when she entered the reality show as a commoner. Since then, her popularity has risen significantly with her fan following on social media platforms also experiencing phenomenal growth. She now has close to half million followers on Instagram.

However, Kaul is now being incessantly trolled on social media after she posted a photo wearing hot pant and crop top outside the birth place of Hanuman. No sooner had she posted the photo on her Instagram page, social media users began to target her for the perceived insensitivity towards her religion.

Nitibha Kaul

One user wrote, “Now I know why these nitibhakaul is kicked out from Kashmir…. They did it right.” Another said, “Have some shame Nitibha!” A user identified as Ahaana wrote, “R u in a beach.. Wat the hell u have worn in temple. (sic)”

However, far from being fazed by criticism, Kaul replied to her trolls. She wrote, “Hey As*****. You deserve to be lynched in public. You know what that means? Haha Google it you illiterate person- maybe that will expand your GK, because the rest of the time, i’m sure you’d be spreading dirt on people’s instagram. You are the reason this country is considered unsafe for women- sick sad men like you, who get joy by saying shit- I only pray you find true happiness- because you clearly need it. Happy Healing! (sic)”

Kaul also posted another photo in a bid to silence her critics. She wrote, “To the ones who understand – ❤️ To the ones who don’t- Namaste ??”


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