Former Bigg Boss contestant Hina Khan trolled for wearing ‘revealing’ dress for Iftar


Former Bigg Boss contestant Hina Khan is controversy’s best child. Whether it was inside the TV reality show Bigg Boss or her activities outside in real life, she has often ended up polarising public opinion.

 Hina Khan
Photo Instagrammed by Hina

The model-actor is now facing the social media heat for her attire, perceived to be inappropriate for the occasion of Iftar, moment when Muslims break their Ramadan fast. Hina posted a series of photos on Instagram stating ‘Iftaar ready.’

However, the choice of her outfit did not appear to go down well with some of her fans, who began to incessantly troll her with many asking her to ‘fear Allah.’ One user said, “Allah sa daro (Fear Allah).” Another commented, “Hine khan allah ki maar pargana tumku (Hina Khan, ylou will face the wrath of Allah).” “Allah uski niyat jante hai and Karma will hit this woman hard just wait and watch,” commented another user.

Photo Instagrammed by Hina

However, there were others, who came to her defence. One fan responded to Hina’s trolls, “excuse me Allahh never said to wear such kind of clothes in iftar.” Another said, “What is wrong about my concept. She is a human being first, later on muslim. So she has a right to wear clothes of her choice and yes i n my family n my friends did not find any cheapness in this dress.”

Hina also faced criticism for posting a gym workout video as some fanatics wondered if she was even fasting.

Not too long ago, Hina was trolled for posting an ‘inappropriate’ dance video in the month of Ramadan. Attired in harem pants and a blouse with a plunging neckline, Hina was seen dancing in her shimmering black dress in the video. Even though she did not post any caption for the video, her act invited wrath of her fans, most of whom were enraged by her video and found it ‘inappropriate.’

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At the beginning of Ramadan, Hina was involved in Twitter spat with one of her trolls because of her greetings for the holy month.


  1. Bhai Saab Hina Khan she is not a Muslim first of all.
    And should just ignore here and I request Siddiqui Saab not to invite this stupid Hina khan next time who really don’t know the etinic attire at the religious gathering where people from all over the religion comming together.

  2. I suppose Hina Khan is getting mentally disturb cause of we people calling her beauty
    She has forgotten that she is growing by age day by day. Hence she has started exposing her self by using very thin lilen or net she should know this very well .Main thing is that she being Muslim how Muslims are keeping quite .rest think if I m wrong or right


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