People using ‘fish carts’ to take patients to hospitals in Chennai


As rain and flood gripped Chennai, some people have used fish carts and two-wheelers to take patients to hospitals in the past three days, an official has said.

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“Some patients came by fish cart. One was brought by her brother on the bike as that was the only means of navigation through the heavily flooded Greams Lane (where the hospital is located),” Sathyabhama, diector of medical services and quality (southern region) at Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd., said.

The chain of Apollo Hospitals in and around the city did not shift any of its patients to other hospitals while the group had received 36 patients from other hospitals, she said.

Sathyabhama said there was no power supply for 57 hours in one block and 69 hours in another and the situation was managed with generators.

As safety measure the electricity power was cut for couple of days in Chennai and suburbs.

“We prioritised the patients care. Only emergency procedures and lifesaving angioplasties were done. Preference was given to the critical areas,” Sathyabhama said.


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