VIDEO: Grenfell Tower fire: Massive fire engulfs tower block in west London


A huge fire today engulfed a 24- storey residential tower in London, with eyewitnesses claiming people are trapped in their homes.

London fire

The fire at Grenfell Tower on the Lancaster West Estate in Latimer Road was reported at 01:16 local time and about 200 firefighters are tackling the blaze.

Scotland Yard people were being treated for “a range of injuries”.

“Officers, the London Fire Brigade and the London Ambulance Service are currently at the scene. Residents continue to be evacuated from the tower block. A number of people being treated for a range of injuries,” the Metropolitan Police said.

“Cordons are in place and it is advised that the estate and surrounding area is avoided,” it said. London Fire Brigade sent 40 fire engines to the tower.

“It has burned through to its very core. It looks very bad, very very bad. I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s just such a big fire. The whole building is just crumbling. It’s just billowing black smoke,” an eyewitness told the BBC.

More to follow


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