FDI in retail: Video highlighting Modi’s double-standard goes viral


Modi government on Monday took a radical step to relax Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) norms in a host of sectors including civil aviation, single-brand retail, defence and pharma by permitting more investments under automatic route.

While the government’s supporters were nimble-footed in describing the move as historic and game-changer for Indian economy, some were equally quick to highlight the irony in such claims reminding how the BJP leaders including the prime minister, Narendra Modi, had vehemently opposed the same move by the UPA government.

We reported on Monday how Arun Jaitley, then as a senior BJP leader in 2013, had slammed the Manmohan Singh government adding that the BJP will oppose the FDI in retail till their ‘last breath.’

Now an old video of Modi opposing FDI has gone viral and his critics are calling him bahrupiya (impersonator) and conman.

In this 2.49 mins video, Modi is seen slamming the then Manmohan Singh government for having mortgaged the interest of India by deciding to clear FDI in retail sector.

He tells the audience in his own inimitable style, “The Indian government has taken a decision and I want to give my commentary on that decision. I’m surprised as to what this prime minister is doing. The small traders who are here must understand. He (Manmohan Singh) has decided to lock down the shops of grocery shop owners and other small traders and decided to issue permit to foreigners and the FDI. If foreigners are allowed to invest 100 percent in retail, who will go to small traders to buy their products?

However, while tweeted on his own government’s decision on FDI which he himself had opposed tooth and nail, Modi tweeted on Monday, “Centre has radically liberalized the FDI regime, with the objective of providing major impetus to employment and job creation in India.”

By supporting the FDI in retail, the Congress government too had argued that the move would give the much-needed push to job growth in India. The social media users, therefore are asking, ‘why did Modi frighten people about the dangers of FDI as opposition leader but the same has now become a source of job and employment growth when he’s the prime minister?”

Social media users have begun commenting on the glaring irony in what Modi said as opposition leader and his action as prime minister.

Here are some reactions on Facebook:

Manish Jain, “प्रधानमंत्री मोदी का कोई बहरूपिया देखो क्या कह रहा है की भारत में FDI आने से गरीब रोजी-रोटी खो देगा ! भक्तो ढूँढो इस बहरूपिये को जो मोदीजी जैसी शक्ल का फ़ायदा उठा कर उन्हें बदनाम कर रहा है — मनीष जैन”

Abhiram Dike: “Manish Bhai Everything is fair in Love,War and Politics.”

Amitabh Singhal: ये बहुरूपिया नही हे ये माननीय ही हे जो सच और सिर्फ सच बोलते हे जो बोलते हे वो करते नही जो करते हे वो बोलते नही.

AK Jha: “Ye Pakka wala Modi hai jiski degree DU ke paas hai. Nakli wala. Asli wale Modi to FDI ka support karte hain.


  1. This kind of U-turn is common with BJP.Because that is the only wise decision they can make.Otherwise their promise of job creation will become a terrible joke,which already it has almost become.

  2. What is there to comment??? Except has FDI proposed during Manmohan’s time brought in today our country would be 20 years ahead in prosperity. Then Modi & Jaitly objected & stoped. ” AAPNA TOOOK PHAIK KAR CHAATNA”.

  3. Opposting something at any point of time does not mean that became a total no forever. When people, whose interest he was trying to protect with a believe that they will gear up and organized to collect taxes for Government, fail to meet Government expectation, don’t these people lose right to be protected anymore. So in politics, reciprocation of public is equally important to keep its leaders on committed line. But unfortunately, citizens at large know their right and not their duty. And that is why this blame game and leaders failing in fulfilling their commitment continues.

    • Now after all the trips around the world he has made friends/partners so he can cut the deal and allow. So accept he has been smart and has the right(wrong) people to help execute it around india.

  4. His speech is on multi-brand retail whereby he had stressed on concerns of being fully manufactured goods being dump into India…Where do you see the contradiction of what has happened recently???

  5. I think Modiji is Congress mind working for BJP. Whatever Congress party has done during their tenure the same is being endorsed be it Aadhar card FDI also.

  6. P.M & F.M. should justify for opposing 100%FDI in retail during UPA rigime ? common man is confused on following same footprint by NDA Govt.


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