First non-bailable warrant against union minister, now son booked for rash driving


Little over a week ago, Union minister YS Chowdary was issued a non-bailable warrant by a court in Hyderabad for non-payment of loan.

On Saturday, police in Hyderabad booked his son for violation of Motor Vehicles Act under sec184(b) (rash driving) before seizing his car.

LS Chauhan, DCP Traffic, Hyderabad, told ANI, “We had information about a group of people who indulge in racing & rash driving on weekends. We had information about a group of people who indulge in racing on weekends, so placed two teams. We caught 14 people in 10 motorcycles and four cars yesterday. Case was booked under MV act for rash and negligent driving.

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“Union Minister YS Chowdary’s son was also caught in act, similar case was booked against him and his vehicle was seized.”

Last week a court in Hyderabad had issued a non-bailable warrant against a union minister, YS Chowdary, in a case related to alleged default of repayment of loans.

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Reacting to the development, the minister said that his inability to appear before the court in the past was because of his commitment to public life.



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