Farmer in Tamil Nadu ends life after his tractor was impounded for failing to pay remaining Rs 2 lakh


A Tamil farmer has committed suicide after bank recovery agents impounded his tractor because the he failed to pay the remaining Rs 2 lakh of the Rs 7 lakh loan.

Azhagar from Ariyalur district in Tamil Nadu ended his life after recovery agents from Cholamandalam Finance Company. The farmer had taken a loan of Rs.7 lakh and already paid Rs 5 lakh.

Unable to bear the grief, the 25-year-old Azhagar hanged himself to death.

This is not the first time such forceful action has been taken against a farmer in this area. A farmer was thrashed by the police for being unable to repay the loan in the neighbouring district.

This comes just few days after another farmer was thrashed by police and loan recovery agents because he had defaulted on two installments of his tractor loan.

Farmers’ suicides have become one of the big social issues for the governments across India to handle.

2,016 cases of farmers’ suicides were reported till September end in Maharashtra alone.


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