Farhan Akhtar slams trolls, who target him for tweet on fuel price hike


Actor-director Farhan Akhtar can be as poetic and witty with words as his legendary lyricist Dad Javed Akhtar. The Bollywood’s Milkha Singh has, on more than one occasion, not shied away from taking a stand on issues affecting citizens at large.

Farhan Akhtar

Just when the fuel price hike started to hurt people up and down the country, Farhan too could not hold himself and posted a sarcastic reaction on the reported slash in petrol price by seven paise. Yes, you heard it right, by a ‘whopping’ seven paise!

Posting the clipping of a newspaper report, Farhan wrote, “Luckily petrol price was slashed by 7 paise .. phew… was worried.”

His tweet went viral, garnering nearly 5,000 likes on Twitter. However, there were those, who accused him of doing politics. Responding to one such troll, Farhan wrote, “Mere bhai .. main un logon mein se nahin hoon jinke khud ke sar par jab tak bijli na girey, woh chhath nahin banaate…(My brother, I am not one of those who waits for the lightening to build a rood over their head.)”

After this tweet, one would have expected the right-wing troll army to scurry for cover. But, there was one user, who still tried to have a go at Farhan accusing him of being a jihadi because of the actor’s Muslim name. Pat came Farhan’s reply, “As your DP perfectly depicts .. you’re talking through your arse! Get some help buddy.. the medical kind. You’re sick.”

Last month too, he had taken to Twitter to express his anguish on the record hike in fuel prices in India. His tweet had read, “₹84 per litre mubarak to you and your loved ones. Actual cost I believe is ₹31, based on info i could find online (do correct me if I’m wrong, happy to learn) .. the rest are central & state taxes, cess & commissions. Just so you know that the price can be brought down.”

In May this year, Farhan had slammed the Twitter management after the microblogging site said it not find any violation in rape threats against actor Richa Chadha.

In a scathing tweet, Farhan had written, “Top management at Twitter must regroup and decide what they’d like their service to be remembered for. If it’s for good, then they need to get smarter in its regulation. Rape and death threats cannot be allowed or go unpunished.”


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