Fan invades pitch, but Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s extraordinary gesture in Hamilton will give you goosebumps


Mahendra Singh Dhoni has always been regarded as one of the finest ambassadors of the game, aside from being the most successful player to lead the Indian cricket team. Even though he stepped down from the captaincy role, he never ceased to impress his fans with his performance and charm on the field.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

In the last T20 competition against New Zealand at Hamilton, not only did India lose the match but also the series 1-2 as the visitors failed to chase the target of 212/4. However, the match at Hamilton became famous because of one extraordinary gesture by Dhoni.

During the match, a Dhoni fan breached the security cordon and invaded the pitch as he ran towards his idol, who was keeping the stumps. The fan, who was holding the Indian national flag, bent down to touch Dhoni’s feet to show his respect for the legendary cricketer.

Dhoni quickly moved towards the flag and picked it up since he did not want any disrespect to the tricolour. This earned him instant applause from fans in the ground and the commentator.

Dhoni doesn’t belong to those cricketers, who have used the issue of patriotism to gain favour from the current government of the BJP. His love for the national flag is nothing new. There are reports that one of the reasons, why he never chose to add a tricolour on his helmet because he did not want any disrespect to the national flag since he had to keep his helmet behind the stumps while keeping.

Nonetheless, Dhoni’s extraordinary gesture made him a hero on social media with fans acknowledging that his act was indeed capable of giving them goosebumps.

Dhoni’s latest act is a reply to those who waste no time in lecturing others on patriotism. His one silent gesture has stirred the patriotic fervour of millions of Indians that the thousands of tweets and social media posts by India’s fake nationalist brigade.


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