Faced with outrage, Patna’s JD Women’s College withdraws diktat banning burqa on campus


A college in Patna has withdrawn its directive banning Muslim students from entering the campus by wearing their Islamic attire burqa. This was after the controversial diktat by Patna’s JD Women’s College evoked angry reactions with many calling it outright communal.


According to news agency ANI, Dr. Shyama Rai, Principal of JD Women’s College has said the college has withdrawn its statement regarding the ‘burqa’ in its recent direction on dress code for students in the college.

The diktat by the college had said, “Students are informed, with the exception of Saturdays, they must enter the campus in a dress code decided by the college. Also, the use of burqa is banned inside classrooms and the campus. They will be fined a penalty of Rs 200 if they are not found to be adhering to the dress code.”

Students had also staged protests inside the campus on Saturday.


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