Facebook to add emojis for users in Spain, Ireland; later in India


Facebook founder and CEO Mark  Zuckerberg has announced that the popular social networking site would launch a set of new reactions, or emojis, on Friday.

The six new emoji depict various expressions, from an open mouth to express surprise to a scowling red face for anger. The other four emotions represent love, laughter, sadness and a supportive cheer.

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The new emojis icons will be available to most Facebook users in Spain and Ireland.

Adam Mosseri, who oversees Facebook’s news feed, said the company would evaluate how people in those two countries use the new buttons and refine them, before expanding the rollout to the company’s 1.5 billion users worldwide later this year.

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“How do people use it? Is this the right set of reactions?” Mr. Mosseri said in an interview.


Zuckerberg had said last month that the company planned to test a way to “dislike” a post. “I do think it’s important to give people more options than just like,” he said.

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And it was also important to pick emotions and emoji that translated well globally. “We tried the find the ones that are most universally used,” Mosseri said.

He added that Facebook chose which emotions to add by looking at which virtual stickers people used most frequently in comments on posts.


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