Facebook suspends page that posted Kargil martyr’s daughter’s video on Muslim haters


In a bizarre development, the social media giant Facebook on Tuesday suspended a popular page, which had gained considerable publicity for carrying a moving video of a martyr’s daughter.

martyr's daughter

Voice of Ram, which had recorded more than 33,000 page likes in a relatively short time, was suspended on Tuesday.

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The page had gained popularity after it posted two back to back videos, both of which elicited overwhelming response from the social media users.

On of the popular videos included a profile of a Muslim man distributing thousands of litres of water among people of drought-hit Latur in Maharashtra.

The page’s most recent video, which was widely reported in the media was about a young daughter of a Kargil martyr, who had explained her own transition from being a Muslim hater to proponent of peace across the border between Pakistan and India.

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On Tuesday, the owner of the page recorded another video with Gurmehar Kaur, in Hindi. After posting the video on YouTube, they decided to publish the same on their Facebook page, but discovered their page had mysteriously disappeared.

Gurmehar expressed her shock on her page.

She wrote, “So the page ‘voice of ram’ on which my video was playing has been suspended. This is ridiculous. So much for wanting peace. (sic)”


The video of Gurmehar in English had been viewed more than a million times on Voice of Ram, says the owner of the page, Ram Sumbramanian.

Sumbramanian has now posted the Hindi video on a new page called Voice of Ram 1, but he says the decision has left him puzzled.

He told jantakareporter.com, “I don’t know what to say.. I was happy this morning that a beautiful message was going all over the world and suddenly my entire page has gone off Facebook. I don’t know what to make of it but I won’t stop working towards solving the problem. The India-Pakistan problem is not an external issue… It’s is the root of our internal Hindu-Muslim issue in India. If my page is deleted and I have to start again from scratch, I will. I hope the governments of both nations work towards peace. There won’t be any progress unless we sort this out.”

Facebook is yet to comment on the reason behind suspending the page.


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