Fabricating and distorting history is terror of different nature: Historian


Historians in Kolkata have lashed out at the attempts by the BJP and Sangh Parivar to change the Indian history by likening it to terror. Indian History Congress’s president, KM Shrimali, has said that attempts made to “fabricate and distort history” was a terror of a different nature.

Shrimali said that the sole agenda behind the RSS-BJP trying to rewrite history was to create a Hindu nation, where minorities being treated as second-class citizens.

“It is matter of concern that the space for reason and debate is shrinking in India. We have never witnessed such a disturbing trend. Those with little knowledge about history are trying to fabricate and thrust their idea. It is a terror of a different nature,” the former history professor of Delhi University told PTI.

Shrimali said that the RSS and the BJP were determined to divide the nation on religious grounds adding that history was a discipline of reason and could not be written with fabricated truths, imagination or myth-making.

Reason and debate have become the biggest casualties in the Sangh Parivar’s interpretation of history, the former professor rued.

“There are ways of understanding mythology… Not everything which is part of mythology is history… But you don’t enter into arguments, you try to bully people. That’s not the way to write history,” he said.

BJP governments in several states have been accused of erasing history from textbooks to suit the Hindutva agenda.


In May 2016, it emerged that the Rajasthan’s BJP government had allegedly taken a giant step in the direction of erasing Jawaharlal Nehru from pages of history to be taught in its schools in the state. The new Social Science textbook for Class VIII in schools of Rajasthan did not mention who India’s first Prime Minister was.

More recently, the BJP has been making desperate attempts to spread lies on the 18th century brave freedom fighter, Tipu Sultan, to communalise the assembly elections in the state.



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