Extraordinary display of humanity: A Muslim man, while observing Ramadan fast, donates blood to save Hindu woman’s life


Not so long ago Jharkhand was in news after militants belonging to Hindutva forces killed two Muslim cattle traders including a 12-year-old boy.

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A Hindu woman, Rampati Devi, was in dire need of blood. The doctors told her son Narayan Prajapati to arrange for blood immediately.


Clueless over how to arrange for blood matching his mother’s group, Narayan ran from pillar to post in search of blood. But all his attempts were futile.

Then came Javed Akhtar, his neighbour in Balumath.

Despite observing Ramadan fast, Javed travelled more than 150 kms to donate blood so that Rampati Devi’s life could be saved.

A report by BBC said that doctors warned Javed not to donate blood while observing fast fearing adverse impact on his own health, but he was determined.

Narayan said, “I would never forget that moment. The doctors stopped Javed from giving blood because he was fasting, but he didn’t budge for nearly one-and-a-half hours. Soon it was the time for Iftar. He broke his fast and slept on the hospital bed.”

With smile on his face Javed said, “It seems Allah has accepted my fast. I will give blood again if it’s required.”

This is not the first Javed has saved someone’s life with his blood. Some months ago, he said he was visiting Ajmer Sharif to visit the tomb of Khwaja Moiuddin Chishti. While on the way, a Hindu friend told him that his son had been diagnosed with Dengue in Kota. He said he decided to cancel his plan to visit Ajmer and instead travelled to Kota and took him to Delhi in an ambulance.

He remained in Delhi until his friend’s son had been cured.

Recounting his experience, Javed told BBC that ‘perhaps that’s what Khwaja would have wanted.”

When asked to comment on the politics of hate practiced by some parties in places such as Kairana, Muzaffarnagar, Balumath and Dadri, Javed said, “Those incidents can be inhuman, but they will not change my beliefs (in humanity).”




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