Explosive video of Kanhaiya Kumar exposes Delhi Police, ‘they kicked me, punched me, my trousers fell off’


In an explosive video, the JNU students’ union leader has exposed the claims of Delhi Police and its outgoing chief BS Bassi, who maintained that he was never attacked.

In the video of his deposition before a Supreme Court team, Kanhaiya said, ” We were first surrounded by media people right at the gate. The police tried to protect me from them and we kept walking. Then a mob wearing lawyers’ robe attacked me. This happened as soon as we entered the court premises. It was as if they were ready to pounce at me and had planned their attack. That’s because the people who were beating me, they were also shouting for others to come and join.

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“Sir, they kept beating me while I was walking. They pushed me on the ground while I walked through the metal detector security point. I fell down, my slippers came off, trousers came off. But they didn’t stop beating. When one was done, then he would hand me over to others. They were beating the policemen also. I couldn’t see everything as I had fallen down because of constant thrashing.”

He continued, “They were punching me, kicking me and hitting me everywhere. Once we entered the court room, one lawyer who was beating me goes ahead and hides in the room in advance. I told my teacher that ‘sir this man was beating me.’ The police then asked the man about his identity. That man (my attacker) in response asked the police to show his identity card to him. And he walked off. Police kept looking at him and did nothing.

“I can recognise the policeman. My lawyer Vrinda Grover even asked him his name and asked for his name plate. The policeman said he had his nameplate misplaced in the jostling.”

“I study in JNU, am doing PHD (breaks down). By declaring me an anti-national, my media trial is taking place. Not all media is doing my tril but there are just few..As I had said before, I have full faith in India constitution.”

Sitaram Yechury of the CPIM expressed shock on the new revelation, ” This is nothing but replay of emergency in more vicious manner. Eeven during emergency, we were on bailable offence and were not beaten in the court room”

Watch full video below (Video courtesy- CNN-IBN)




  1. Biased Reporting … and biased thought process, wait for court’s decision and till then do not overide over your prejudices … and believe me i am not biased … !

  2. while the matter is pending in court you biased reporter should not comment, but if he is atriator the punishment is not enough in the name of free speech.the court must take serious action on the phd students if cases are proved. the spent money on them towards education is to be recovered working in prison


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