(Exclusive)Justice Katju to ‘greedy’ Indian media owners: ..Then become presstitute, usmein zyada paisa hai


In an unusual outburst, Justice Markandey Katju, the former Supreme Court judge, has lashed out at Indian media owners for their ‘disregard’ to ehtics and morality while carrying out journalism.

Exclusively speaking to jantakareporter.com, Justice Katju said”Tum dakaiti karo, paise hi sab kuch hai na. Dharm imaan to kuch hai nahi. Tum dakaiti karo, Let the media owners be smugglers. Us mein zyada paisa milega. Apna dharm imaan becho and become presstitute. There’s nothing called ethics or morality. So you become a robber. Let the media owners be smugglers. Sell your morality and become prostitutes.”

The full interview will be published on our website shortly. Among other things, Justice Katju also candidly answered questions on Bihar elections and the controversy over the burning of two Dalit children in Haryana.

Watch the video here:




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