EXCLUSIVE: Will it cease to be a crime if the molestation victim has political connection, asks Jasleen Kaur


Delhi student, Jasleen Kaur, earned plenty of plaudits from public, Delhi Commission for Women chief, Swati Maliwal, Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal and Delhi Police chief, BS Bassi. They all praised her ‘bravery’ in dealing with a man who allegedly attacked her modesty.

Her Facebook post went viral with it receiving more than 21000 likes and several hundred comments on Facebook within hours of being posted.

However, a day later, Sarbjeet’s(accused) mother alleged that Jasleen was abusing her connections with Delhi’s ruling Aam Aadmi Party to ‘punish’ her son.

While Jasleen said the accused had used abusive languages against her when she tried to remind him not to break traffic signal, Sarbjeet and his mother denied the charges.

We wanted to know whether indeed Jasleen had any AAP connection and also if there was any truth in the allegations of she abusing that contacts to harass Sarbjeet.

Speaking to our editor-in-chief, Rifat Jawaid, Jasleen said she hadn’t been able to sleep ever since the incident happened.

Jasleen said, “People have cast aspersions on my character and equated with with the Rohtak sisters. What was my fault? As a responsible member of public I only reminded him about not breaking the traffic signal, which he appeared to do so. Was it a crime that he started hurling choicest of abuses at me. He even threatened me with serious consequences if I decided to go to the police. Is that how you talk to a woman?”

On Sarabjeet’s mother’s charges about her association with AAP, the 20-year-old student of St. Stephen College said, ” where’s the link here? We are discussing my allegations that a gentleman used abusive languages against me, threatened me and misbehaved with me. Will it cease to be a crime if the victim has connection with a political party? Delhi Police has announced a cash award of Rs 5000 for me.

“So, I’m now using my influence on Delhi police too, right? Other day, they said I had orchestrated this to get some publicity because I planned to contest DU elections. Can somebody tell those people that I study in St. Stephens College, which is not part of Delhi University?”

Jasleen said that she had approached the court of law and ‘let the judiciary decide who’s telling the truth’ adding that ‘the man (Sarabjeet) so innocent then why is he still threatening me on a Live TV?”

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    • eye witness?? there is no CCTV footage for that person..keep faith in court..this incidents has become political now wait and watch and i m sure evidences have sufficient material to prove that guy guilty..he was saying i wanted to go straight but cctv shows he turned left.. what that girl was claming..

      • Dude get ur facts correct…d guy said he wanted to go left n jasleen claimed he went straight…
        Jasleen is such a big lier that she forgets what she said on what channel n has to think n remember everything
        She also claimed on one channel that sarvjeet made obscene comments after she took out mobile n tried to click while she claimed on another channel that he abused her before she took out mobile…Non sense. Her entire story is messed up, she’s just another rakhi savant

  1. ये चुतिया बिहारी “बरी” “सरक” कर रहा है!!
    आ गया इस अलग ढक्कन औरत की बकचोदी खत्म ही नहीं हो रही!
    मैडम जी सवाल का जवाब आँख में आँख डाल के देने की कोशिश भी नहीं कर पा रही!!

  2. धमकी दे दी!
    यार इसको कोई ज़ोर का थप्पड़ लगाओ!
    बहुत बड़ी नौटंकी है केजरीवाल की नतनी!!
    ये बिहारी रिफत केजरीवाल का चेला अलग बकचोदी किये हुए है

  3. I don’t care about political connections or the motive and whatever the reason behind this was.

    I want to go back to basic facts:
    1. Jasleen said Sarabjeet eve teased her, harassed her so she filed a complaint with Police and put it on social media. Apart from her statement there is nothing on her side.
    2. Sarabjeet said he didn’t harass her. He has an eye witness corroborating his side of the story.

    Looking at the facts it seems that Jasleen filed a false complaint and defamed that guy on social media. This is clearly wrong and action should be taken against Jasleen.

    However, I am just a normal guy looking at the information available on internet so I might not have all the facts. Please correct me if my above facts are incorrect or if there is something else that I do not cover which is actually relevant to the core issue that a girl filed a false complaint against a guy and defamed him on social media.

    Anything else, political connections, news channels etc should not matter.

    I respect Janta Ka Reporter, for writing this article as putting her side of the story and not passing judgements on any one.

    • I appreciate you for seeking unbiased judgement. I also changed my took on the case three times.

      And still not clear who is guilty.Thought wants to give my analysis on case.

      1. As per jasleen’s complaint guy molested her. And sarvejeet and his parents says it was a normal fight . Aur ladki “Rai ka pahad bna rahi h”. Sure there is some “Rai”. And in our society people thinks normal abuses like comments on a girls genitals are not subject to punishment. But what if someone has zero tolerance.

      2.I have watched both the interviews of witness as well as sarvejeet.


      In this video witness says it was Jasleen who abuses sarvejeet. He says “Meri wife ne kaha ki is ladki ki ma ne sikhaya hota to ye ladki aise word use nahi krti”. Surely according to witness jasleen used very obscene remarks to guy. But Sarvjeet no where claims about girls abusing him.

      I don’t know why there is difference. It may because either witness is lying or Sarvjeet didn’t took girl’s remarks seriously. For him any abusive words which witness thinks are obscene are normal.
      And so we cant deny that Sarvejeet may also have used same words.
      In that case both are equally convicts and for sure witness is lying somewhere.

    • & she defamed it all due th the help of social media wing of AAM AADMI PArty if i and u make such comments on twitter/facebook it will never spread so. That where she was wrong & she misused her political affilation

  4. Bull shit AAP. For Gods sake plz stop your drama and Hollier than the rest attitude. AAP supporters are the worst kind of new generation we could ask for.
    It will take its toll on the Nation before the ÀAP drama ends.
    Really sad.
    Let there be light lest we all are taken for a ride with no future other than ruins.

  5. kam se kam soch ke to bolti kya bol rhi ho, akal hai ki nahi ? You
    Should be ashamed of urself, ur clearly telling that u were going home
    frm the station & later on you dont deny from being a traffic
    controler … stupid.

  6. This girl is adding details to minor things. Practically, nothing much was done by guy. Most of the stuff in this girls head is made up stuff. Guy did not break any law. He did not even do eve-teasing. When guy says “do whatever you want”..he showed bravery which is shown by people who stand for truth.

    • Her action proves that women like her are criminal minded who are just waiting for a reason to hide behind before committing crime. She must be put behind bars immediately and made to run for bail like a common man.

  7. eve teasing is a serious topic that plays on emotions of the victim no matter the gender. i m not sure why every one is making it a gender bias. the issue is a much bigger social malaise in the society. if she has been subject to eve teasing which courts will decide, young girl is doing an amazing job of coming out publicly on it. this should serve as a deterrence to the culprits in future.

    • “Eve-Teasing” and “No matter the gender”!! #ROFLMAO
      No wonder you are an #AAP supporter !!
      Young girl would have done an “Amazing job” had she actually been through “eve-teasing” and stood for it !

      It’s quite obvious here that this stupid bimbo got all fired since someone “Tu-Tu” her , and hurt her jumbo size ego!! And also it’s obvious that this bimbo is lying all the way, changing her stand from original story to interview above!!

      And of course once caught pants down, the same girl and cronies of #AAP will start whining against court and Modi!!

  8. We don’t need to conclude that Jasleen is a Victim. What if she has created a false story and what if the real victim is Sarabjeet. Why provide benefit of doubt to Jasleen, just because she is a girl. What if Sarabjeet is innocent and Who is going to Provide him the Job back. Can Jasleen & Timesnow, which has falsely implicated Sarabjeet without any proof take back what they have done and destroyed Sarabjeet’s career. What if its was Jasleen who had abused Sarabjet and not the other way around.

      • “BHAGTH”
        ये क्या होता है अन्ना ?
        बकचोदी बंद करो और जा कर पांच साल केजरीवाल पर नंगे नाचो!!

  9. This girl is obviously lying. It was a verbal argument. She must be very bossy due to being Krantikari Kejri supporter. See Sonkhshi Sinha’s tweet exposing the lies of Jesleen.
    I hope Jesleen Kaur wiill learn the lesson.

  10. She initially denied that she was controlling the traffic. She said I was on my way home, but then pictures came out and she changed her story. Then she walked away from an interview where she had to face a witness, clearly looking shaken up, because her facts were challenged again. There might have been an argument, but this was all a huge ego clash between two young people, and she got the upper hand because she’s a girl, and she posted first. If she had so much faith in judiciary, why post his picture online? Why facilitate his media trial by personally appearing on every channel when you’re being praised. and Why ask to not go through with a media trial when she was asked the questions? What happened, nobody knows. But it’s scary that anyone can be so defamed, fired from his job, nationally shamed only on the basis of 1 picture. Don’t men need their fundamental rights?


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