(Exclusive) Take your mental health seriously before you break down


Marking of a day for mental health is an acknowledgement of mental well-being and illness. Though it’s still a new term but mental health problems have been there for considerably long time. The increased stress and monotonous routine have been some of the major factors in affecting our mental health. People are indulging in rat race with high aspirations and expectations. Increased working hours, Traffic chaos and longer travel time further add to our already existing stress, which eventually builds up causing mental health issues.

With Migration, nuclear families both partners working, seldom does one have time for one to one interaction even at home. People are more connected with others in virtual world than in real life. And even when we get few spare minutes, we like to use them to sneak into others’ lives through social media rather than focusing on our own personal issues.

This actually has far reaching effect on our lives without us ever realising it. What comes as an innocuous curiosity to know the goings on in others’ lives, soon leads to comparison exercise. We begin to compare each other’s lives, holiday pictures and friendly outings etc. This invariably leads to frustration that we could have avoided.

It’s extraordinary how an individual is pushed into depression because of the other individual’s life and how it caused a sense of inadequacy. The advent of social media was supposed cause fun in our lives through frequent interactions. This has now become one of our biggest problems and is causing pain to us. Everybody wants a picture perfect life and in the quest end up adding to the stress.

Pressure-cooker environment at work places, demands at home coupled with other various social obligations give very little time for both mental and physical relaxation. Physical ailments are comparatively easier to diagnosis and treat, but mental ailments often go are mostly go unnoticed.

Many don’t want to acknowledge they have problems with mental health due to the stigma attached to it. Some consider mental health not as a mere anomaly but a medical condition, which can be cured or managed. Whatever the case, there’s nothing wrong in accepting one’s mental health issues. Just like physical ailments, mental ailments are a reality and they need urgent attention and help.

Statics have shown steep increase in the number of people being diagnosed with mental illnesses. This is both a bad and good news. Bad because it indicates increased occurrence of mental illness and good because it means more people are getting aware and acknowledging the seriousness of the issue.

Acceptance is the first step in seeking help for one’s mental well being. Various campaigns by health organisation and public acceptance by celebrities have indeed emboldened people to seek experts’ help in handling this issue.

So what’s the way out? Proper time management, work and personal life balance, realising the importance of quality time with family and more one to one interaction will reduce stress. Engaging in healthy habits like exercise, reading and yoga have proven to be beneficial too.

Sadly, the mental health problems are increasing in children and youngsters too. Higher expectations from pushy parents, academic pressure both by schools and also as a result of what’s knows peer-pressure, all add up to the mental stress in early life.

These factors force one to continuously strive for exceptional results in all fields including studies, sports and looks with an aim to achieve a near perfect life. This attitude continues even later in life and failure to meet the dreams hampers their mental growth. The vicious cycle continues until one breaks down.

The need is to reduce stress in daily life, lower the criteria for satisfaction in one’s life, never give up hope and face life with a positive attitude. These are keys to a healthy mind and also a healthy body. Do give it a try for a month and see the positive impact on your well being.

NOTE: Views expressed are the author’s own. Janta Ka Reporter does not endorse any of the views, facts, incidents mentioned in this piece.


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