( Exclusive Part 3) Wrong for writers to return awards, most write for money except Munawwar Rana: Justice Katju


In the third part of an exclusive interview with Jantakareporter.com’s Editor-in-Chief Rifat Jawaid, former Supreme Court judge Katju has criticised the writers who returned their literary awards in protest over growing intolerance in India and the death of a Muslim man in a Dadri village, near New Delhi, over a rumour of him having eaten and stored beef inside his house.

Katju says that these writers have never written for people and that they have written ‘only for money.’

However, Katju has praised renowned Urdu poet Munawwar Rana, saying he was different because he wrote in Urdu, a language which is a language of protest.

In the earlier parts of the interview, Katju had criticised media owners. He had called them ‘immoral and bereft of ethics’, adding that they should instead indulge robbery and become smugglers.

“Then they should do robbery and smuggling. If the money is everything for them and morality and ethics mean nothing, then let the media owners become smugglers. Let them become prostitutes. They will earn more money there. General VK Singh was right when he called media presstitutes,” he has said in the first part of the interview.

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In Part II of the interview, Katju makes prediction about the ongoing Bihar elections. He says Modi wave is “history” and that “Nitish-Lalu will win Bihar even without Dadri, Dalit issue”.

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“Nitish and Lalu were bound to have won even without Dadri or Haryana. Most states in this country vote along the lines of caste. But there was an exception in last year’s Lok Sabha elections. There was a wave in favour of Modi,” he said. “People were fed up with frequent scams during the Congress rule. Modi promised them vikas (development), which meant jobs for youths….Reality is that having won the election, there are still no jobs. Now people realise they were taken for a ride.”

Watch the interview here


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