Exclusive: Man dies of gross medical neglect, this time in Bengaluru private hospital


A case of gross medical negligence from a private hospital in Bengaluru has taken the life of a young man, who instead of being referred to a cardiologist for his chest pain was told to consult a general physician.

The man’s wife Pallavi Panda Mishra has alleged on Facebook that after her husband Girish complained of a breathing problem with pain in his heart on the evening of June 13, he was rushed to the nearest Gangothri hospital in Feet Ring Road. The attendant doctor there asked for an ECG and blood test. Although both the tests were done immediately, the main doctor of the hospital KNN Pai, while on rounds, wrongly diagnosed the problem as throat infection and dehydration.

“Many people already asked if he had any BAD HABITS.. want to clarify right away.. NO he didn’t have ANY bad habits. We say that doctors are angels sent by God to save human life. But for me the same doctors have come as demons in my life to ruin it in pieces,” Pallavi wrote on Facebook.

In reality, Girish had a massive blockade in his heart and should have been referred to a cardiologist immediately, a medical expert told Jantakareporter.com. The victim’s wife wasn’t even sure if the ECG report had been properly checked. Instead, Girish was given pain killers and sleeping tablets and was told that the problem would be resolved soon.

On the night of 13th June, Girish was taken to the hospital again after he complained of chest pain. There, Dr. KNN Pai refused to check him saying he didn’t have time and Girish was instead referred to a general physician. The physician once again told Girish’s wife that it was nothing but a throat infection and prescribed huge doses of antibiotics. Although Girish had those antibiotics that day, he couldn’t sleep the whole night.


On 18th June, Girish was taken to a private clinic where the doctor was surprised to see how an angioplasty was not recommended for the patient despite him having a high degree of blockade as indicated in the ECG report taken on 13th June.

After two hours that day, Girish left this world. Doctors had said his chance of surviving was only 1 percent. Blood flow to his heart had totally stopped.

Jantakareporter.com tried to contact officials at Gangothri hospital but they were not available to comment.

Girish’s wife Pallavi has made a detailed post on Facebook describing the negligence and said that they were a happy family with no problems until the unforeseen happened.

Pallavi said her husband had no bad habits.

We say that doctors are angels sent by god to save human life. But for me the same doctors has come as demon in my life…

Posted by Pallavi Panda Mishra on Monday, July 6, 2015


  1. She is a very close friend of mine..I would just say that the hospital has ruined my friends life…She has chose to raise her voice against it which is indeed a brave act..She is going through this terrible phase just because of negligence which is not tolerable…Doctors treated as Gods don’t have time to check their patients without an appointment even when they are dying..Dr K.N.N Pai should be put behind bars..PLEASE SUPPORT THIS CAUSE AND HELP TAKE AN ACTION.


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