(EXCLUSIVE) Goa Forward vows to drive out BJP from state


One party that has created plenty of buzz in Goa elections is Goa Forward, which was formed only a year ago.

The party, that stands for devolving decision making powers to Goans, has vowed to oust the BJP from the state. With this single-minded approach, the party’s face, Vijai Sardesai, has hit the campaign trail both in north and south Goa.

Goa Forward

Speaking to Janta Ka Reporter’s editor-in-chief, Rifat Jawaid, Sardesai said that people in Goa were ‘tired’ of the ‘Delhi High Command.’

He said, “We believe that the disconnect between the High Command and the leadership of the state leading to the injustice to party cadres has to be checked by having a local party, which makes your state the centre. Which makes the people of Goa their high command. ”

Sardesai, who after being denied ticket by Congress in 2012 had decided to contest as an independent candidate in 2012 from Fatorda assembly constituency. Since his victory from Fatorda, his popularity has soared exceptionally with Sardesai being tipped as a future chief minister of Goa.

He said that Goa Forward’s main political rival was the BJP and he was determined to oust its government in the 4 February 4 polls.

He said, “I’ve been fighting the BJP consistently for the last five years. It’s me and not the Congress, which has fought the BJP. It’s I who along with other independent MLAs, who took up the cudgel to fight the anti-people government of the BJP in Goa. Congress as an opposition was silent.”

Sardesai said that Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar had lost credibility for his repeated U-turns as the chief minister and his subsequent gaffes as a cabinet minister in Narendra Modi government.

He also accused Congress party of deliberately fielding weak candidates with a view to ensure victory for BJP candidates alleging corruption.

Sardesai said that he was also approached by Aam Aadmi Party adding that he was open to aligning with the party to consolidate his anti-BJP alliance but Arvind Kejriwal wanted him to join his party.

“For AAP, it was my way or the high way. This was unacceptable,” he added.

You can watch his full interview below.

Goa Forward’s president Prabhakar Timble said that the wish of Goan people was that opposition parties ought to have come together to fight the ruling BJP.

He said, “Since they (BJP) have the muscle power, they have the money power, unless we come together we can defeat them. The single first objective is to oust the BJP from government.”

You can watch his full interview below


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