EXCLUSIVE- Entire Times Group hell bent on protecting Arun Jaitley, says Arvind Kejriwal


Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, has asked the union finance minister, Arun Jaitley, to resign as ‘advised’ by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Speaking exclusively to jantakareporter.com’s editor-in-chief, Rifat Jawaid, the Delhi CM said that by drawing a parallel with LK Advani’s involvement in Hawala (money laundering) scam, Modi had indirectly asked Jaitley to quit.

He said, “The SFIO and the department of companies are all under him. How can an independent investigation is possible while he remains a minister? Not just we, even the prime minister wants him to resign. And he should listen to the advice of the prime minister.”

Kejriwal also slammed the media for ‘shielding’ Jaitley adding that its conduct on the coverage of allegations against the finance minister smacked of its double standards.

He said, “I’m not defending anyone’s corruption, but you only had to see how Times Now covered the corruption allegations Nitin Gadkari. Why are Arnab Goswami( Times Now editor-in-chief) and Navika Kumar (Times Now’s political editor) are going to the companies and flashing documents same way they did against Gadkari? Other day Time of India flashed a headline which said, ‘Aam Aadmi Party attacks Arun Jaitley with old files. Isn’t it obvious that the corruption will be hidden in old files? Which files of Rajendra Kumar did the CBI use to justify its raids on his office?”

He said that the entire Times Group was determined to throw their weights behind Jaitley to save him.

Jaitley had filed criminal and civil defamation against the Delhi CM and five other AAP leaders seeking damages worth Rs 10 crore.

Kejriwal revealed that two of the witnesses mentioned in the defamation petition filed by Jaitley are the India TV’s editor-in-chief, Rajat Sharma and a ‘Hindustan Times manager.’

He said, ” Then where’s the journalism and where’s the independence of media. sab dhoka hi dhoka hi hai (It’s deception everywhere).”

jantakareporter.com is not in position to confirm these allegations.

Continuing with his tirade against media, the Delhi chief minister expressed anguish over how a Hindi news channel Aaj Tak had mocked his cough by dedicating a special programme on his illness.

A visibly pained Kejriwal said, “Media continues to harass us. Ordinary reporters are very good. It’s the owners, who are corrupt. They have a problem if I wear a red shirt. Aaj Tak had done a special programme on my cough. Do I a have a control over my cough. This is how they make fun of me. Is that journalism?”

Video of entire interview coming up shortly.




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