EXCLUSIVE: If CBI arrests me, it will be the last arrest the agency would have made, says Harish Rawat


Uttarakhand chief minister, Harish Rawat, has dared the Central Bureau of Investigation to arrest him when he appears for questioning on sting CD case.

Rawat will appear before the CBI in a sting CD case later today. He was summoned by the federal probe agency on Sunday. In his first and only interview (since being summoned), Rawat has spoken candidly on all issues including what he expects from the CBI in this case today.

Rifat Jawaid with Harish Rawat
Rifat Jawaid with Harish Rawat

Speaking exclusively to jantakareporter.com’s editor-in-chief, Rifat Jawaid, at his residence in Dehradun, Rawat said , “As long as I am here, this issue can’t be blown over. The CBI (at the behest of the central government) is only interested in the case because of me. Otherwise, how do justify that the complainant despite being 15-20 years younger than me was questioned in Uttarakhand, but the agency is hell-bent in calling me to Delhi….If the CBI arrests me in such political cases, it will be the last arrest the agency would have made. Same way as the central government imposed President’s Rule in any state for the last time. Now they will have to think ten times before contemplating the same.”

The federal probe agency had on Sunday asked the Uttarakhand Chief Minister to appear before the agency on 24 May in connection with a probe into the sting operation involving him.

CBI had registered a Preliminary Enquiry on 29 April to probe the “sting operation” allegedly showing Rawat offering bribes to rebel Congress MLAs in a bid to garner their support during a floor test in the Uttarakhand Assembly.

Rawat told jantakareporter.com that the video showed him meeting a journalist and this was no criminal act.

“The person in the video is a journalist and there’s no crime in meeting a journalist.You too are a journalist and I am having a conversation with you.”

Rawat said that it had become a worrying trend for the Centre’s BJP government to dismiss the election governments in states where the BJP felt it could not come to power by winning elections.

Rawat said that he was confident from the day one that the court’s verdict will be favourable.

Here are the highlights of the EXCLUSIVE Interview:

  • As long as I am the chief minister, the issue will not die down. The entire sin has been committed (by Modi govt) to oust me
  • It’s not that (Modi) will honour court’s ruling. What he couldn’t achieve through election and judiciary, he’s now trying to achieve through CBI.
  • I have decided to respect CBI. Now it depends on CBI or those who’re behind CBI probe how they see things
  • If CBI arrests me, this will be the last arrest by CBI in political case
  • The country will be watching (the CBI’s role). What’s my crime? How can it arrest a chief minister for no crime?
  • Forget a chief minister, how can the CBI arrest even a common person for no crime?
  • I am sure CBI is aware and a premier institution like it wouldn’t put its reputation at stake
  • When the President’s Rule matter was referred to court, I had said that this was the last time a central govt will be using Article 356
  • Now even a mightier govt at the Centre will think 10 times before invoking Article 356
  • BJP realises that with Harish Rawat around, their chances of winning here is fast diminishing
  • BJP is trying to smash a small politician of a small state using all its might
  • Any impartial judge can observe what BJP is trying to do here
  • From the day one my action was constitutional. For BJP, it was unconstitutional from the day one
  • Same Arun Jaitley once said Speaker’s decision was final. In Uttarakhand’s case he said Speaker’s decision was acceptable to him
  • When they realised that even this was not enough, they allowed a high security zone, airport, to be used for fake sting
  • It took just few hours for them ( Modi govt) to conclude  that the sting CD was genuine
  • Prime Minister was summoned and forced to cut short his trip to Assam to dismiss my govt


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