EXCLUSIVE: Bajrang Dal activists strip, tie with electric pole and thrash a Muslim youth in Mangalore


In yet another incident of right-wing fanaticism and utter disregard for the rule of law, dozens of youths belonging to right-wing Hindu outfit Bajrang Dal attacked a Muslim youth in Mangalore because he was travelling with a Hindu girl.

The incident happened on Monday evening when the 28 year old Shakir was driving in a car with allegedly a Hindu girl in Attavar in Mangalore.

Speaking to jantakareporter.com, the police inspector of Pandeshwar police station, Dinakara Shetty said that the police had launched an investigation and will release a statement on Tuesday afternoon.

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He said, “There were members of many hindu sanghatana (outfits). We are investigating the matter and will soon arrest the culprits. It’s a clear case of immoral policing. ”



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The armed goons stripped Shakir, tied him with an electric pole and thrashed him mercilessly.

“Shakir was going by car along with a girl of another faith. Hindu activists waylaid the car at Babbugudde, pulled him out and stripped off his clothes. Later, they tied him to the electric pole and thrashed him,” local police was quoted by several Mangalore-based newswebsites.

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Later, the police arrived at the spot later and a complaint was filed in the Pandeshwar police station.

Shakir said that the girl in question worked with him in a supermarket. He’s now been admitted in a hospital and currently undergoing treatment. Police has registered a case against the members of this right-wing Hindu groups arresting one person.

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The search for others is currently underway.

Mangalore has been in news for the periodic violence committed by members of various right-wing Hindu outfits in the past. In 2009, Sriram Sene supporters had thrashed girls and boys outside a pub here. The group even demanded banning of Valentine’s Day as it found the celebration of love against the values of Indian culture. This had prompted the girls to start ‘Pink Chaddi’ campaign the Hindu outfit.


  1. Such SHAMELESS Parties and its Pathetic Leaders n Volunteers are a CAMOUFLAGE to Nation and Entire Hindu Community.. .



  3. I am not a religious fanatic but I think that in such a case the Muslims crowd would have killed a Hindu boy driving a Muslim girl. The Hindu population in Pakistan has receded from about 8% in 1947 to less than 1% in 2015 whereas the Muslim population has increased by more than 25% of its total since 1947. Bangladesh also shows the same trends as are seen in Pakistan and millions of Hindus have vanished from there. .

  4. Mr. MK and Mr. Suresh menon- The Hindu population in Pakistan (East & West) in 1947 was around 8% and the remaining Muslim population in India was 11.4%. Why is it that the – Dr Zakir Hussain and Dr Abdul Kalam became the Presidents of India; Mrs Najma Heptulla was deputy chairman of Rajya Sabha for 16 years, Mr. Hamid Ansari is the Vice president of India, Dr Hidyathullah became the Chief Justice of India; Mr Mohammed Azaruddin became the cricket captain of India; Mr Shah Rukh Khan, Mr. Dilip Kumar (Yusuf Khan) Mr. Salman Khan, and Mr Aamir Khan are some of the most popular heroes of Hindi cinema and Mr A R Rahman is one of the most popular music composers…….. BUT……..

    Excepting one ‘for name-sake’ chief justice of Pakistan, can any of the liberals and seculars write the name of the Hindu Presidents or Hindu Cricket Captains, Hindu top rated Film Actors or Hindu Music Composers of Pakistan, Bangladesh or of any other Muslim country, please?

    That is the difference in Hinduism and any other religion. That is the tolerance. Do not try to hide the truth in dark corner, it will enlighten the whole filth. Do not highlight the deeds of street goons as BIG NEWS to insult whole Hindu community and whole nation.


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