Exceptional step by ETV’s Kashmiri journalist to protect media’s credibility


ETV journalist, who had earned plenty of plaudits for his exceptional heroic in saving more than 300 marooned people during 2014 floods in Jammu and Kashmir floods, has resigned.

And this time, his equally exceptional heroic and bold step has come to save the media.

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Rifat Abdullah, who worked for ETV Urdu in Srinagar, quit his job after his channel put up hoardings with messages replete with sychophancy for the newly elected chief minister of of Jammu and Kashmir, Mehbooba Mufti.


The congratulatory messages described Mufti ‘Kashmir ki ladli-Kashmir ki Beti.’

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Abdullah said that such sychophancy had caused huge damage to the channel’s credibility.

He said, “Dear Friends i have resigned from ETV Network on Moral grounds. Etv management has installed hoardings praising Mehbooba Mufti and questions have been raised by people about Etv creditbility. Therefore i resigned from ETV. I have never compromised with my principles and never supported any party or individual.”

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Abdullah’s resignation, said sources, has not been accepted by the ETV management.

Mufti was sworn in as the state’s chief minister on 4 April.


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