EVMs ‘poll’ in favour of BJP in MP bypoll, Chief Election Officer asks not to report in media

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In a development that could give credence to allegations of election fraud, an EVM machine with VVPAT attached, to be used for 9 April bypoll in Madhya Pradesh’s Ater has been found to be designed to only vote in favour of the BJP candidate.

The video of Madhya Pradesh’s Chief Electoral Officer, Salina Singh, carrying out inspection of EVM machine in the constituency has now gone viral.

In the video (below), Singh is seen being surrounded by several election officials who try to test the accuracy of the machine by pressing the number four button of a VVPAT machine. However to everyone’s utter shock, the paper receipt showed the vote had in fact gone in favour of the BJP, whose election symbol, lotus, was against the first button and number four.

When questioned, Singh asked the reporters not to report the incident adding that the act could land them in jail.

EVM fraud has been a hugely controversial topic particularly after the results for the last month’s assembly elections were announced. Both the BSP supremo Mayawati and AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal had alleged EVM fraud.

The BJP’s historic win in Uttar Pradesh had surprised many poll pundits, who said that there was no wave in favour of the BJP at a level that could result in 325 seats for the saffron party.

Watch Rifat Jawaid talk about EVM fraud

Reacting to the development, Kejriwal tweeted, “EVM manipulation getting v serious. How rampant is this? If technical error, then why error always in BJP’s favor, wherever detected.”

His next tweet said, “Do see this video. Do elections have any meaning left?”

With the latest revelation, political parties will no doubt have found enough fodder to attack the BJP.



  1. yeah! there is big question mark as how much an EVM can be trusted. there is deep suspicion of manipulation of election results of manipur’s assembly election of 2017.

  2. It’s duty of the authority who is conducting elections to check that evm should reflect correct voting and not political parties coz in UP the administration of elections was with the ruling party as also under direction of Chief electoral officer. They should see that maintenance and checking of evm before poll should be under supervision of the administration and should be checked before polls

  3. The possibility of fraud was in the air from the beginning of election results. Even ‘ neutral’ commentators brushed aside doubts raised by Mayawati and kejri. The beans are slowly being spilled. Doubts are increasing over the ‘ covert’ manipulation of electoral process. Such doubts must be addressed by the concerned ruling parties

  4. This is just to fool the people and video funds by some political parties.If evms favour the BJP how did the BJP loose elections in Punjab where their won government was in power ????

  5. Do You Think Some Demo EVM Testing Machine V.Clip can remove a Fragment of Hair from The Bjps Might.

    Stop Fooling yourself & People with this Baba Black sheep Rhymes…

  6. Truth comes out and when the truth is fully out, it’s definitely not gonna be a happy moment or should I say time, there will be hell. They should of never lied to everybody. Here in my country you only have a maximum of 8 years to be president. Your not revoted in after that.

  7. In Panjab and Goa , though BJP alliance / BJP was ruling party , they lost in Panjab and were second largest party in Goa .
    In Manipur too , they were second largest party , where Congress was ruling party.
    In uttarakhand it was Congress ruling party and they lost.
    In UP also , it was SP who were in ruling .
    If BJP have won with 325 seats …. Why eyebrow of other party is so high and big.and all sort of allegation being made to tarnish only one Party ????

  8. If this is true, then EVMs can not be trusted any more. It takes a minute to change software , if it is due to software manipulation. It is a matter people trust, if trust can be frauded and there is even 0.00001% possibility, the system can not be used anymore. Election system has have to be 100% trustful beyond any doubt . This is a matter of right and trust. Citizen are only given this right to make India of there choice and no one else. The use of EVMs must be stopped if possibility of fraud is proved.

  9. A foolish and irresponsible ‘April fool’ prank. Only undermining democracy. The culprits should be brought to book and severely punished.

  10. It’s a shocking Proof of Election Rigging & advantageous to either of Party.Voters R treated for a ride.these Electronic EVM’s R not trustworthy.


    In 1980, M. B. Haneefa when invented the first Indian voting machine had not even imagined the temper ability of this machine which now a day became the hottest topic of India’s political battle. In India .The Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections 2017 sparked off an immense & massive debate on the effectiveness and fairness of the EVMs in the country. An international conference on the Indian EVMs and its issue of tamper ability of the said machines was held under the chairmanship of Subramanium Swami ,former Union Cabinet Minister for Law, Commerce and Justice at Chennai on 13 February 2010. The conclusion was that Election Commission of India was shirking its responsibility on the transparency in the working of the EVMs.
    Now this issue is raising it’s hood again when it was found tempered in Madhya Pradesh during a demonstration of EVM in the presence of election commission authorities, media personnel and local political leaders as an electronic voting machine always voted to a particular political party each and every time ,i.e. BJP in spite of voting to any other political party. It is shocking and seems a bad day to Indian Democracy. With this revelation common Indian voters are in the mindset of distress and many even claim including political parties like Congress,BSP and AAP that BJP won the huge victory in the last UP Assembly Election by tempering the EVM for which especially the AAP Supremo Kejariwal had opposed and alleged immediately after the result of UP’S Assembly election.
    Technically many international scientific research have revealed the sour truth that EVM can be tempered and may be given wrong result despite any required precaution and protection.In fact most of the democratic countries across the universe now a day have already banned this EVM and sustain their Ultimate faith on Secret Ballot papers. Therefore why not the Govt. Of India is looking into this matter with a serious note of changing the voting method by switching off the EVM and switching on the system of Secret Ballot Paper.
    Let the Indian people be definite that voting by them are absolute and their most valuable votes going to exactly the same political party’s pocket to whom they are voting .It is also a matter of great regret that if it is possible in demonstration then it can be possible in the reality and that reality now bites every Indian citizen who are empowered to vote under the law of Universal Adult Franchize
    The union govt. Of India must look into this matter as soon as possible and the election commission of India also suspend both the chief election authority of the concerned state including the concerned dist election authorities. The long journey of EVM from it’s very first day in 1982 which were first used in in the by-election to NORTH PARAVUR Assembly Constituency in KERLA till today is now under the scanner for the very 1st time on it’s implementation.
    As the EVMs were commissioned in 1989 by the Election Commission of India in collaboration with Electronic Corporation of India Ltd. ,it is the 1st and foremost duty of both the Election Commission and the Govt. Of India should cancel the agreement of ECI Ltd. And should also appoint the new credible and authenticated one to bring back the utmost faith of Indian voters on the Independent Election Commission of India.

  13. People always had a doubt about EVM’s & the kind of results one saw in the just concluded UP elections are a clear indicator of the ongoing malpractices in the electoral process, it is humanely, practically & politically impossible for the BJP to win 325 seats in a state where there are 4 major players without foul play, it’s time to scrap the EVM’s as the democracy is in danger. The election commission shoul act rapidly & initiate an alternate in the interest of democracy & nation.


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