Every time PM Modi speaks, people begin to analyse which bit is true: Rahul Gandhi


Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Sunday once again lashed out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the alleged scam in the Rafale deal with France. Addressing a mammoth crowd at Delhi’s Ramlila Ground, Gandhi said that the government led by Manmohan Singh had agreed a deal of Rs 700 crore for one Rafale fighter jet.

“Modi ji travels to France and changes the contract saying ‘price wasn’r right.’ Even the defence minister was kept in dark. The prime minister increases the price of each jet to Rs 1500 crore, by more than doubling the price agreed by Manmohan Singh government,” he said

Rahul Gandhi

The alleged irregularities in the Rafale deal was first reported by Janta Ka Reporter through a series of special reports.

The Congress president also mocked Modi for his perceived hypocrisy on fighting corruption adding how, while talking about graft, the prime minister was being joined by former Karnataka chief minister BS Yedyurappa and few other BJP ministers, tainted by corruption.

He said, “The irony today is that whenever Prime Minister addresses the nation, people begin to analyse which bit uttered by him was true…People of Karnataka are watching how when the prime minister talks about corruption he has Yedyurappa on his side. Yedyurappa has spent significant length of time in jail for corruption. He also has other corruption-tainted minister on the same stage from where he’s pledging to fight corruption.”

Gandhi also raised the issue of the government’s alleged attack on judiciary in India by reminding how four top Supreme Court judges had to come out in the open seeking justice from the public. “Usually people go to the judges seeking justice. For the first time in the history of India, four top judges of the Supreme Court come to people saying ‘we need justice from you.’ Narendra Modi remains silent.”

“Whether it’s court, Election Commission, IIMs or IITs, RSS people are being planted one by one. Every minister these days have RSS functionaries as their OSDs,” he said.

Earlier Congress leader and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi too said that all sections of the society were suffering with Narendra Modi as Prime Minister and all promises made by the BJP before the 2014 elections have turned out to be hollow.

“It is sad to see that our society is suffering from unprecedented violence and hatred today. People from all sections are suffering. The nation is going through turbulent times under Prime Minister Modi,” Sonia Gandhi told the party’s Jan Akrosh rally here.

“Our country is going through a difficult time. We must all unite and stay alert to fight against this regime,” she said. Attacking the Bharatiya Janata Party, the Congress leader said: “The Modi government has left no stone unturned to destroy our democratic institutions.” She stressed that the country needed fair and strong constitutional institutions.

Live Updates:

  • Prime Minister talks about beti bachao, beti padhao, but for the first time in the history our prime minister gets told on foreign soil that you are not protecting your daughters.
  • In Unnao, a girl gets raped and the allegation is against a BJP MLA. Our prime minister remains silent.
  • A child is raped and killed in Jammu and Kashmir, but our prime minister doesn’t utter a word.
  • Our prime minister drinks tea in China today. He’s enjoying his stay in China without any agenda even when Chinese troops have entered Doklam. What kind of prime minister he is?
  • The Congress will win every election from now on and will also emerge victorious in 2019
  • I respect differences of opinion and will protect any dissenters. However, the BJP neither appreciates different opinions nor does it respect its own elders
  • The BJP & RSS have spread falsehood about the Congress across the nation. But the truth is now making its way out and people can see through their lies


  1. Congress party can not impact Modi with all these false allegation. Modiji doesn’t have people like Kalmadi, D Raja etc who all were scam masters. Agree that people like kapil Sibal and Abhishek manusighvi can save any goon from law are also in congress. manu sighvi’s wife got Nirav Modi connection having several jewellary set of crores sold to him by Nirav at token price.
    Rafale Deal which was proposed initially was without any concrete proposal and now a days even France Govt has come forward and deny that there was no corruption.


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