Even mother Ganga is not happy with you: Lalu tells Modi


Rashtriya Janta Dal chief Lalu Prasad Yadav has taken a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi after the latter’s trip to Varanasi was cancelled on Thursday.

He tweeted saying that ‘even Ganga mayya (mother) has been duped, so don’t say now that you’ve been called by Ganga mayya. Mother Ganga has expressed her anger by showing her frightening face.”

On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had cancelled a visit to his constituency Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh for the second time in recent weeks due to heavy rains. Modi had to land in the temple-town this afternoon on a day-long visit.

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There were frantic efforts to pump out water from DLW ground since early morning, where the PM was scheduled to make a public address.

Congress advt 2

On June 28, a PM rally at the same venue had to be cancelled because the grounds had been left waterlogged due to heavy rain. This time, the BJP had even said that better arrangements had been made.

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The Power Grid Corporation of India had been given the task of constructing a special water-proof pandal at the venue. A large number of workers supervised by three technicians from New Delhi had worked round the clock to prepare the venue, Sanjay Bhardwaj, a BJP functionary said.

Bihar is scheduled to go for crucial elections in September end and RJD-JDU alliance is pitted against the BJP-led NDA.

Lalu has been using social media to launch continuous attacks against the BJP and Modi. In one of his tweets posted on Thursday, Lalu said, ” BJP is the most corrupt party and cast-based party. It has resorted to sick and dirty politics to garner votes. No party till date has informed the caste of its prime minister.”

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