Even Modi’s supporters disappointed with his speech, social media users said, “sowed Modi, reaped Manmohan”


As Gujarat CM or even the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi gave grief to the then prime minister, Manmohan Singh, often branding him weak and indecisive particularly on India’s foreign policy.

The jibes such as doob maro, Obama Obama, Pakistan Jao na, Pakistan ko Pakistan ki bhasha mein jawab dena chahiye became inseparable parts of his public speeches. His hawkish approach, albeit pretentious, gave his hard-core supporters and some neutrals hope that India would finally get a ‘strong leader’ in Modi.


So the 30 and a bit percent of the Indian voters who took part in 2014 Lok Sabha elections voted for him, giving him a historic mandate.

But, soon it dawned upon them that Modi’s poll promises and public posturing were simply too far from reality. As it emerged, Modi’s party colleagues either termed his promises unrealistic or election jumlas. 

On Pakistan, India’s not-so-friendly neighbour, Modi kept performing spectacular U-turns, but his die-hard supporters never gave up, hoping against hope that their leader with the rumoured 56-inch chest will one day teach Pakistan a lesson.

While Modi’s detractors had long termed the prime minister a paper tiger, Uri attacks that left 18 Indian soldiers dead provided his supporters, also known as bhakts, an opportunity to go to town with I-told-you-so claims.

But, today even they were left disappointed.

After a gap of a few days, when Modi spoke on Saturday, he did invoke war but urged Pakistan to take the lead. By war here, Modi did not mean military engagements but a war on poverty, malnutrition and unemployment.

If ever one needed to understand the true explanation of a damp-squib, Modi’s supporters found the opportunity in his speech, made from Kozhikode on Saturday.

The neutrals have clearly hailed his speech with a caveat that he ought to have understood the pragmatism of foreign policy long ago and should have avoided the false chest-thumping while in opposition. It’s his supporters, who are now left incredibly disappointed and with the feeling of being let down.

This user Frustrated Indian on Facebook is a case in example.

He wrote, “Ok so the PM did what he knows best. Gave another “hard hitting speech” directly addressing the people of Pakistan and exposing their conniving leadership. But dear Prime Minister, what people of India want to see is action.

“Not mere word missiles. Clear calculated action even if it takes time to pay back and avenge for the deaths of our brave soldiers. Until and less that is done, people of India won’t be quiet. They will continue to seethe in anger. Make sure that anger is diverted against our enemy through your actions. And not against you for inaction.

“We are waiting…”



As expected, the social media platforms have been inundated with comments replete with sarcasm and ridicule against Modi.

This user Pratik Sinha summed up the dominating mood when he wrote, “Bhakton, speech kaisi lagi? 1 sar ke badle 10 sar laane wala hai kya Modiji? Nahin na? Boya Modi, Nikla Manmohan. (Bhakts, how did you find the speech? Is Modi ji about to bring 10 heads for one head? Not really! You sowed Modi, reaped Manmohan.”

The owner of parody account of Subramanian Swamy wrote, ” From BJP stage in Kerala, Modi made his first public comments about Uri, Sounding nothing like Gujarat CM, Narendra Modi chose to address the people of Pakistan, Asked them to declare war – on poverty. Thank you Mr PM for Slapping War Mongering News Channels and Bhakts.”

This has pretty much been the sentiments of most social media users on Saturday.

Here are some examples;

Imran Ali: Manmohan never went to Pakistan in his two terms. ..he stood by his principle ..terrorism n talks can never go side by side. .whereas Our Modiji hahhahaha

Manvendra Bhangui: Oh god. I pity the Pakistanis. They must now be pissing in their pants.

Alok Jagdhari: Who is spreading this rumour that he will contest elections from Gilgit and Baltistan

Ajit Khurana: Please don’t insult MMS by comparing him with so called great PM Modi.


  1. Dear Sir..

    I believe Today is Saturday, and you have mentioned twice in your article that the speech was given on Sunday.

    Please correct this Typo.

  2. Only the crooks loser politicians anti-nationals muslims terrorists and foreign agents are FRUSTRATED INDIANS! The rest of us are suffering because of the loot of the nation and the banks that took place before 2014 and are happy that those who looted are feeling the pain! As for the economy, the whole.world is suffering the downturn and India is not the only economy isolated and hurting from economic slowdown!


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