Europe’s oldest man dies in Punjab


Europe’s oldest was of Indian origin and he died in Punjab on Saturday. Nazar Singh died a fortnight after he celebrated his 111th birthday in Punjab.

According to reports, Singh was born in Punjab in 1904 and lived in England for 50 years. His family said that he had come to India to spend time with his family. Singh had nine children, 34 grandchildren and 63 great-grandchildren

During his early years in Punjab he helped his family grow sugar cane, cotton, corn, wheat and later chilli, peanuts, potatoes and rice. His wife, Narajan Kaur, died 12 years ago, as well as his two sisters and four brothers.

One of his grandsons, Harvinder Gill described him as ‘an amazing chap.’

“He has lived a very happy and fulfilling life. For the past few weeks he has been suffering with a few illnesses. He’s had pneumonia but he was a fighter. Unfortunately, his time has passed. It was early hours on Saturday just before the Fathers’ Day,” Gill was quoted as saying.

Singh had earlier stated strong family, good food and happiness were what had helped him lived so long. His family said that he never had any surgery, had some his teeth intact and had no problems in hearing.

Britain’s Guardian newspaper said that his age was never confirmed by Guinness World Records and he had no birth certificate. But he was sent a letter by the Queen on his 100th birthday, and every subsequent birthday.



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