“Emergency imposed in Delhi?”: Angry reactions after lawyer Mahmood Pracha’s office raided by ‘Delhi Police personnel’


Delhi Police’s raid at the office of Mahmood Pracha, the lawyer for several anti-CAA protesters accused in a riots conspiracy case, has triggered a wave of criticism with many asking if an emergency has been declared in India’s national capital. The raid that began at 12.30 PM on Thursday continued till late evening. In one video, Pracha was seen accusing the Delhi Police personnel of placing him under house arrest.

In one video, shared by journalist Aditya Menon, a Delhi Police personnel was seen insisting on seizing Pracha’s computers if he failed to hand over the hard disks. “That’s fine. I will seize your computers. I will get hold of your hard disks. I will seize if I can’t get hard disks.”

Pracha, who also represented Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad in a case related to the anti-CAA protests, said that he was not prepared to violate the ‘client-attorney’ relationship.

In another video, shared by journalist Fatima Khan, the lawyer was seen alleging that he was not being allowed to meet any visitors, adding that he had been kept under house arrest by the investigating officer of the Delhi Police. When someone asked if Pracha could not even meet media persons, the Delhi Police personnel used his hand gesture to answer in the negative. This prompted one person to ask the Delhi Police personnel if an ’emergency has been imposed’ in Delhi.

In another video, shared by lawyer Anas Tanwir, lawyer Pracha said that his computers were hacked by those claiming to be the investigating officers of the Delhi Police’s Special Cell.

In its warrant, the Delhi Police has claimed that they were looking for ‘incriminating documents’ and ‘meta data of outbox’ of the official email id of Pracha’s legal firm.

More than 53 people, mostly Muslims, were killed in this year’s Delhi pogrom, which was triggered soon after thousands of Muslims staged protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act.


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