Election Commission to launch app for electoral officers in Haryana, Goa, and Madhya Pradesh


The Election Commission has decided to launch a new app in Haryana and other regions that will help electoral officers in communicating among themselves and boost monitoring of voters’ data during election process.

Election Commission
Photo: NDTV

The app will be launched on Monday for Haryana, Goa, Madhya Pradesh and the Union Territory of Chandigarh.

From Electoral Registration Officers, District Electoral Officers and Chief Electoral Officer to Booth Level Officers (BLOs), and computer operators and supervisors, all would be able to use this app, an official spokesperson said on Sunday.

He said the app will help District Electoral Officers and Chief Electoral Officers to monitor the election process, and services of other officers would be used for uploading voters’ data.

Initially, a computer operator will feed voters’ data and send them for verification to the BLO, who would then validate them, he said, explaining how the new system would work.

The supervisor would then scrutinise the data with the help of the app and send them for approval of the Electoral Registration Officer.

During the entire process, the required document would be scanned and uploaded using the app, and this would facilitate the dealings between an Electoral Registration Officer and the voters, he said.

The app will ensure that once a data is uploaded, it could be seen by electoral officers anywhere in India. Besides, the concerned officers will get instant information about change in assembly constituency by a voter, eliminating duplicity of voters’ list, according to the spokesperson.

He said the EC was also in the process of launching a new process working people, under which all these voters would recieve a postal ballot electronically in one go.

For this, the registration of the concerned voter will be done at the headquarter of his office. “This process would significantly help in saving time,” he added.


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