Ekta Kapoor’s reasoning on fuel price hike cracks up Twitterati


Filmmaker Ekta Kapoor on Wednesday was asked what she thought of the recent fuel price hike in India. Her response has left the Twitterati in splits.

Ekta Kapoor

“Even if petrol prices are at its highest, men will take women for drives & in today’s time, women will take men for drives. This isn’t the movie that you’re going to stop watching as at this time you need to spend less on driving & more in theatre,” Ekta was quoted by ANI.

Her response cracked up the social media users on the microblogging site. Documentary filmmaker Rakesh Sharma wrote, “Noted global economist Ekta Kapoor, sharing her insights with lesser mortals. Perhaps we can jointly nominate her & Chetan Bhagat for #NobelPrize? Hoping they control inflation by developing trucks that run on water, to deliver our fruits, vegetables and daily supplies.” Journalist Nidhi Razdan wondered, “What. Does. This. Mean.?” Journalist Richa Anirudh tweeted, “PERFECT example of- #KuchBhi”

And the comments kept pouring in.

One may wonder why Ekta was even asked to air her opinion on the record price rise in fuel prices in India. This is because several Bollywood stars had carried out a sustained campaign against the then UPA government by frequently tweeting against the latter’s inability to check the fuel price hike as the crude price in the international market rose to record high. The usual suspects in the Hindi film industry included Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar and Anupam Kher among others.

Bachchan and Akshay were recently trolled for their silence on the current rise in the prices for petrol and diesel under the Cntre’s Narendra Modi government. Astonishingly, Akshay had deleted one of his old tweets, posted to allegedly demonise the then Manmohan Singh government.

Ekta’s Veere Di Wedding is up for release on 1 June. She was speaking to reporters on Wednesday as part of the music launch of Veere Di Wedding. Interestingly, even Ekta confessed that her replies did not really make much sense adding that ‘Not that there was any connection between the question and my answer.”


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