Education Rajasthan way: Urdu teachers asked to ‘teach’ Sanskrit


42 Urdu teachers in Rajasthan have received transfer order giving them new assignments to teach Saskrit.

In a transfer dated June 25, these teachers from Kota zone were asked to take up posts as Sanskrit teachers.

11 second grade Urdu teachers from Bundi, 25 from Jhalawar and six from Baran were handed over transfer orders to take up Sanskrit teacher posts in the same school or neighbouring government schools. The affected teachers are very upset over this shocking deployment order, they are avoiding speaking in public for the fear of reprisals from the government.

The education department had attributed this to the government’s ongoing teacher rationalization exercise.

DD Murarilal, Deputy Director of Secondary Education, Kota, was quoted by Indian Express as saying, “These are not my orders but have come from the state government and Kota zone is not the only place where such transfers have been made. Similar transfers are being done across the state.”

He added, “I am given to understand that the transfers do not necessarily mean that the Urdu teachers will have to compulsorily teach Sanskrit but they can teach their other optional subjects too. It has been done so that those teachers who do not have any students in their school are at least accommodated in schools with vacant posts. Or else without students, these teachers might lose their salaries. In this way they are just being accommodated.”



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