Edhi Foundation declines Modi’s Rs 1 crore donation


Celebrated social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi on Tuesday declined an offer of Rs.1 crore donation by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“Edhi has thanked Modi and politely declined to accept his announced financial help,” Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper quoted Edhi Foundation spokesman Anwar Kazmi as saying.

Kazmi said Edhi’s son, Faisal Edhi, will address the media in this regard in Karachi.

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“What the Edhi family has done is too priceless to be measured but I am happy to announce a contribution of Rs.1 crore for their foundation,” Modi tweeted on Monday.

In 2003, Geeta — then 11 years old — was spotted by the Pakistan Rangers in Lahore, and handed over to the Edhi Foundation. Bilquis Edhi, who runs the Edhi Foundation, named her Geeta.

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According to the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi, Geeta, who arrived in Delhi by Pakistan International Airlines flight 272 on Monday, was accompanied by members of Edhi Foundation, a social welfare organisation that has been looking after her since 2003 when she crossed over to Pakistan accidentally.



  1. Edhi Foundation has reported refused Narendra Modi’vfs offer of Rs.1 crore.! Suits him fine- a good kick back to the ever eager PM to throw away Amounts from Public Exchequer,as if he inherited them from his hierarchy! Someone has told him the truth that his generosity from public Exchequer is not welcome!

  2. Edhi Foundation declined because they do not take any funds from any government. Not because it was being given by Modi.

    Please be Janta Ka Reporter.

    At least ask them before trying to guess why they declined.


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