India has entered an economic era of integrity & inclusiveness: Akbar


Union minister M J Akbar today hailed the economic and foreign policy initiatives of the Modi government and said the country has entered an economic era of integrity and inclusiveness, where no one will be left behind.

M J Akbar“India has entered an economy of integrity and inclusiveness. An integrity where talent will rise, which will ensure development for all. You are in the first year of process where our nation is going to double its income in next 10 years.

You may noticed the changes in our economy,” the minister of state for External Affairs said while addressing the convocation ceremony of International Management Institute (IMI).

While noting the shift in India’s foreign policy, Akbar said earlier India used to have a world policy or a foreign policy but now “the world has a India policy”.

“The world wants India and it recognises that here is a country which is capable of being on the vanguard of the 21st century. The first 20 years of a century more or less define the shape of a century and we in the first quarter have began to define that we will sit on the high in the world table. It will not happen because of any military power but because of economic power and its inclusiveness,” he said.

Lauding the Jan Dhan and Mudra schemes by the Modi government, Akbar said Prime Minister Narendra Modi through his developmental schemes have made crores of people join the banking system of the country.


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