Earthquake tremors felt in Kashmir, Delhi NCR


Majid Jahangir, Srinagar

Strong tremors were felt in across Kashmir valley on Monday afternoon.

Insha Amin of Aanantang told that she ran  for a cover when her home started shaking.

She said, ” I was sitting with may family at my home when our house started shaking. I quickly came out from my home along  with my family members. I am still scared. “
Another young man Arshid Alam from Bemina Srinagar informed this reporter about high intensity of earthquake.
He said, “I was  washing my car and I suddenly realised that something was happening with my car. I, for a moment thought that it was my sister who was pushing my car.  But soon I realised that it was earthquake and we rushed towards  market place.”
Similar reports  are coming in from other parts of Kashmir Valley. However, no loss of life or property was  reported from any part of Kashmir.
The earthquake, say experts, was centered in northeastern Afghanistan and having a much lesser strength than the devastating Nepal earthquake three months ago. It measured 6.2 on the Richter scale by the Indian Meteorological Department and its epicentre was 287 km northeast of Kabul, almost on Afghanistan’s border with Tajikistan.


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