Mumbai Police launch probe if dying woman was molested in stampede


Mumbai Police have launched an investigation after a video of a woman victim of the recent stampede being molested went viral on social media platforms.


In the video, being widely shared on social media, a man is seen allegedly molesting a woman, who’s lying on the pile of victims of stampede at Elphinstone Road station foot overbridge.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Zone 5, Rajiv Jain told Mid Day, “As of now we have taken the statements of over 35 people in the stampede case. We are also investigating the truth of the viral video in which a person is seen allegedly taking advantage of a trapped woman. We are looking for the guy seen in the video. We have several other videos; once the person is identified, we will know the truth.”

Quoting sources at Dadar Police Station, the paper reported that it appeared that the man in question was taking advantage of the woman, but for investigation purposes, ‘the police collected more footage shot by other commuters and local residents, in which he seems to be helping the people who were trapped.’

Many women had also alleged that their precious belongings were stolen during the stampede that killed at least 23 people on 29 September.

Jayshree Kanade, who was at Parel station when the stampede occurred was quoted by The Hindu, “Many people stole purses and gold ornaments from women victims. This molestation video is really shameful. How can someone molest a girl fighting for life and asking for help? The culprits should be punished.”


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