DU students claim error as college fails most students, plan mass protest


The students of BA (Hons.) English in Delhi University’s Shivaji College have written a plea after the sixth semester results were declared in which all students except three have been failed as per reports.

The results declared for the interdisciplinary subject – Sociology in Contemporary India shows ER (Essential Repeat). The students claim that “this was not a subjective case since all students of the same stream were given an ER with just three of them passing with a mere 30.


Though the choice of revaluation and re-checking exists in the university but the students argue that such a “massive failure” of students indicates some error on the part of those responsible for checking..

Speaking to JKR on the request of anonymity, a student said,

“Earlier today we came to know that many departments in our college namely Maths, Political Science and History too are facing this jeopardy with most of the students failing in this particular interdisciplinary subject. And so we approached the college for our grievance to reach the higher officials. But being fully aware of certain official procedures we feel that such a process will take a longer time to at least start materializing. We all are at the verge of moving into further studies which is now completely shattered with this result. We won’t be given admissions in any university unless and until we produce our marksheets. After further information we came to know that this is the disheartening case with many off-campus colleges as well.”

The students also state that this is a ‘catch-22″ situation for them as even if they apply for revaluation or rechecking, the result will be awarded only by September which then comes of no use to us since admission procedures will be closed in Delhi University as well as in many other universities for higher courses.

Some students further said,

“Many of us have been first division holders throughout the semesters with above 60%. Being a group of young and growing adults,we have had dreams of being productive to our country. So are we now to think that young people in this country dream only to have them not realized even after being deserving ones for it, due to certain glitches? All we want from the officials is to revise the results of Sociology in Contemporary India within the next three days and produce a decent result if not those marks that people like us actually deserve.”

The students have also claimed that similar situation has been reported by their friends and fellow students in other Delhi University colleges like Kalindi, Lakshmi Bai, Ramjas and Rajhdhani. In fact, Principal of Lakshmi Bai College, Veena Gautam has said that many students had failed the Political Science exam held recently but wasn’t able to recall the exact number. On the other hand, an official responsible for the exams stated that his department was only assigned to look after the issues pertaining to conduct of exams and marking or grading was the sole responsibility of the teachers checking the answer sheets.

All these students have now decided to protest in front of the Dean, Student’s Welfare office in North Campus (Delhi University) tomorrow.


  1. I am a student if shyam lal college and we are also facing problem regarding our result of B.a(h)economic 3rd year as majority of students have a er in one particular subject even thought our exam went well

  2. We at janki devi memorial college are also facing the same problem in the english and philosophy dept. We will also be there tomorrow.


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