Drunk BJP leader kills 9 children in Bihar, Rahul Gandhi lashes out at Nitish Kumar


Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday lashed out at Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar after a drunk BJP leader allegedly killed 9 school going children with his car in Muzaffarpur.

Taking to Twitter, Gandhi said, “In a dry state Bihar, a drunk BJP leader has killed 9 innocent children. Dear Mr Nitish, is this the reality of your alcohol ban in the state. Who is your inner conscience trying to protect you today- the accused BJP leader or the truth of the alcohol ban in Bihar?”

Gandhi’s criticism for Kumar came just days after Bihar Chief Minister was widely condemned for his silence with many asking if his much-publicised inner-conscience had gone on a vacation. Kumar had snapped ties with the RJD and Congress to join hands with the BJP saying that he was responding to the voice of his inner conscience in light of the corruption allegations against the then Bihar deputy chief minister, Tejashwi Yadav.

Yadav has been fuming at Kumar’s silence on the murder of 9 school children in Muzaffarpur by the BJP leader, who was reportedly driving the vehicle in a drunken state at the time of children’s massacre.

Stepping up his attack against Kumar, Yadav said, “This government has lost all the shame. Such is their shamelessness that now the victims are being forced to pay for their own treatment…This is a betrayal to the people of Bihar. This government is trying to hide the matter. Where’s his (Nitish Kumar’s) inner conscience? Why’s it sleeping? Why’s Nitish Kumar not asking for resignation from Sushil Modi?

“The reason why Nitish Kumar is not commenting is because a BJP leader was driving the car in intoxicated state. Commenting on this matter will embarrass the chief minister and expose his claims on alcohol ban.”

Yadav demanded an apology from Sushil Modi, the deputy chief minister of the state, and asked Kumar to break his silence calling him the ‘cheat minister’ of Bihar.

In a chilling development, a car belonging to a BJP leader in Bihar haD killed 9 school children while 26 more are believed to have sustained serious injuries last weekend.


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