Draupadi was the first feminist in the world


BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav has said that Draupadi, a prominent protagonist in Hindu religious book Mahabharata, was the “first feminist in the world”.

(File Photo) PTI

“Draupadi was the first feminist in the world. She had five husbands; she won’t listen to any of the five. She only listened to (Lord) Krishna, who was a friend. But we never call her promiscuous,” Madhav was quoted by IANS.

Madhav, who has the RSS background, was speaking at the one-day Indic festival in Goa.

Madhav added that Draupadi was “singularly responsible” for the Mahabharata war that led to the killing of 18 lakh persons on the battlefield.

The war resulted from Draupadi’s stubbornness, said Madhav.



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