Draupadi was the first feminist in the world


BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav has said that Draupadi, a prominent protagonist in Hindu religious book Mahabharata, was the “first feminist in the world”.

(File Photo) PTI

“Draupadi was the first feminist in the world. She had five husbands; she won’t listen to any of the five. She only listened to (Lord) Krishna, who was a friend. But we never call her promiscuous,” Madhav was quoted by IANS.

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Madhav, who has the RSS background, was speaking at the one-day Indic festival in Goa.

Madhav added that Draupadi was “singularly responsible” for the Mahabharata war that led to the killing of 18 lakh persons on the battlefield.

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The war resulted from Draupadi’s stubbornness, said Madhav.



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