WATCH- Dramatic scenes in Lok Sabha after Rahul Gandhi not allowed to name Anil Ambani, calls him ‘Double A’


Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajn on Wednesday refused to allow Congress President Rahul Gandhi to play the ‘Rafale bomb’ tape inside the parliament. This was after Gandhi, during his speech, took out his phone and sought permission from Mahajan to play the tape.

Rahul Gandhi

Mahajan first appeared indecisive until Union Minister Arun Jaitley intervened and told her that Gandhi could play the tape only if he could authenticate that the content in the tape had been verified by him. If after his authentication, the tape turns out to be false, then, Jaitley continued, Gandhi must face the expulsion from the House.

No sooner had Jaitley completed his intervention, Mahajan repeated his lines, while stopping Gandhi from playing the tape. Gandhi said that he should be allowed to play the tape from his mobile phone ‘in the spirit of the 21st Century.’ But this had little effect on Mahajan, who kept repeating the lines borrowed from Jaitley.

Gandhi then began to read the transcript of the tape, but this too irked Mahajan and Jaitley, who accused the Congress President of lying ‘five times a day.’ Faced with an uproar in the parliament over her refusal to allow Gandhi to play the tape, Mahajan later adjourned the proceedings of the House.

Later, when the House convened, Gandhi said, “Goa’s minister claimed that the Goa CM and former Defence Minister of India stated that he has all the files of Rafale in his house. It has been authenticated by Goa’s cabinet minister who belongs to the BJP.”

Gandhi later accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of helping his friend Anil Ambani with Rs 30,000 crore in the Rafale deal. The House witnessed dramatic scenes after Gandhi raised his objection to Mahajan not allowing him to take Ambani’s name in the parliament.

He asked sarcastically, “Ma’am, now we can’t take even Anil Ambani’s name? I know we could not take the name of the member of the House, but Anil Ambani? Is it a new rule? Is it because he’s a member of the BJP?”

Gandhi’s comments left Mahajan embarrassed as she desperately tried to persuade him to not name Ambani. Gandhi then said that he will henceforth refer to him as ‘Double A.’


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